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Default Graduate on the dole?


Iv just graduated, now I work part time, and im on the dole. I get £56 a week dole, but say i earn £50, then I only get £6 that week. I should think if it as an extra £6, but instead I feel im working for nothing.

Iv applied for so many jobs, but heard no reply! I live with my mam but really need a job so I can get a flat again with my boyfriend!

Im really in debt because my new course in college (£500), MOT, SERVICE, and TAX was all due this month so im really in the red. I cant sell my car because its my job, and i definitely wont find a job were i live without a car. My friends say theyr skint, but always want to go out for food. I feel i cant spend even £1. It annoys my that lazy people are on the dole, worrying about theyre SKY box not working, or that they have to sign on once a week, yet they seem to have more money than me!

(Also, the rest of my saving I saved from my student have to pay for the other three years of my course, it was originally my mortgage fund.)

Im not really asking anything tbh, I just want to know if there anybody else out there in the same position as me?
I am looking for a local job, the closer to better, but I dont live in a big city, so I need a car. Especially as a car is essential for my current job, and to get to college which is a 40 minute drive away
Thanks there are some great answers!

But James, Im not living off the government, I pay £20 a week rent, leaving me £36 to run a car to get to my course and work, even the extra £6 I get a week is a help. Im really trying to get a second job.

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Default Graduate on the dole?

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Default Graduate on the dole?

You get full JSA if you don't work
for every £ you earn in p/t work, your JSA is reduced
Why would you want full JSA and wages?
Get a f/t job and sign off the dole altogether
People on low wages or the dole can't afford to run a car, unless their parents hlep them out
So get a bike, or find a job nearer home
or look for work elsewhere
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Default Graduate on the dole?

I was on the dole when I first graduated. It's much more difficult at the moment as we're in a terrible recession (despite the guff about recovery that Cameron comes out with), but you're not alone - 35% of recent graduates are currently out of work. Don't blame yourself for the excesses of banks and government, you've worked hard at unii and want a job to pay back the loan. I didn't have a car to pay for when I graduated so that helped money wise, but not in getting work, as I live in a rural area. You just have to take any old job to start with, just to keep your car on the road. I couldn't imagine doing that on £56 a week. Just keep applying and getting interviews.

I'm afraid this government aren't interested in helping people into work, just criminalising the poor, and forcing more and more people into a poverty trap with their cuts to both jobs and welfare. They wont make their banker friends loan to small businesses, so the economy isn't going to grow, especially as more people from the public sector lose their jobs and the private sector isn't taking up the slack because we're still in recession. The unemployment isn't as high as in Thatcher's day, but this government is more right wing and less willing to help people off the dole.
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Default Graduate on the dole?

What does 'on the dole" mean? I've never heard of this phrase before. Is that like welfare? That's pretty pathetic to be living off of the government. I would hang myself before that happens.
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Default Graduate on the dole?

Hi Laura,

You seem frustrated, and rightfully so. I can relate to how you're feeling.
I paid £7000 to do a gas course last year(that is £7000 excluding travel costs and the costs of tools i needed), almost all of which was a loan to me from my family.
After some research, i found that the place that i chose to do the course was far better than doing it elsewhere as they had a 100% pass rate, guaranteed to find me a work placement (to build a portfolio as evidence. Finding a work placement is one of the hardest things as no one wants to take on a trainee). College was my second but the course would have taken me approximately three years to complete and I would have had to find my own work placement.

Soon after passing the course, I started looking for and applying for jobs, but just like you, I either heard nothing from them or they did not hire me because they wanted experienced individuals.
How can I possibly gain experience if no one will give me a job because I don't have experience?
Someone suggested that I be self employed and gain experience that way, but being self employed would mean i'd have to fork out even more money to buy ALL the tools I need, a van etc. and the worst part of it is, the jobs wouldn't be guaranteed because there is too many self employed gas engineers out there. Too much competition.

It p!sses me off knowing that there are people out there that have absolutely no intention of working, yet they're claiming doll, popping child after child so that they may get more benefits and even going so far as to falsely claiming to have some sort of disability.
The government seem more than happy to throw money at people like that, than help the thousands of people like me and you who want to work.

Sorry, I know it's long but you asked. Lol ;)
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Default Graduate on the dole?

What degree did u do and what classification you achieved?
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