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Default Can I cancel a contract on a property?

I have been looking for a place that can be renovated or used as a church. I have found a property that is already zoned for a church and has a nice sizable house on it. But the property comes with a contract that has plans to demolish the house and build a temple (from previous owners). Is there anything that I can do to cancel/stop the contract so that i can renovate the house on the property for a church. Even if I could put off the contract for a couple of years, that would also help. The church group is small and doesn't have the amount of funds that consists of the construction of a new building. Comment with any suggestions or answers please!

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Default Can I cancel a contract on a property?

Unless you are a party to the contract, I don't see how. You don't appear to have any standing.
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Default Can I cancel a contract on a property?

If the contract hasn't been started yet, why can't you cancel it as the new owner? Just because they have filed plans doesn't mean you have to build it if construction hasn't started yet. That's just what they were planning to do with the property. If you buy it, you can do whatever you want with it usually.
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