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Default get started with own business

Im a young female and I have recently have come up with ideas on potentially opening up my own business. I may possibly need someone to help me financially for cost of supplies and production and such. Any ideas and tips on how to get started ? I have really Awesome ideas and would like to get started but don't know how. Anything helps ;)

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Default get started with own business

if in USA, your local library will have
decades of help for starting to b
self employed as a business.

financing in USA comes from
your savings and your primary job.
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Default get started with own business

everyone has ideas, a successful business owner will be able to marshal the funding, time and sweat equity necessary to put the idea into action.

You can find tons of stuff online about writing a business plan, and that is critical first step 1. If money is going to come from your savings or sweat equity you won't need to be as detailed as you will need to be if you are trying to get money from other people.

When you have your plan, start shopping it around to people with money. They will want an excellent return on their money because they are taking a risk. If you need $10,000 you can probably find enough friends to raise money, if you need much more you'll need to look for richer friends or angel investors.
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Default get started with own business

Get a plan with your idea, and like mentioned before you can work with friends to help raise money. Currently there are many money raising platforms online known as crowd funding. I know of 2 by name kick starter, and go fund me.
But to raise money on these sites your going to have to show you have a business idea that will work. Use the power of your friends to help spread the word of your project and get people to donate every range of money from $1 to $5k
Will tell you this if you are starting a business and you have nothing to support you, stay with a job or have a steady stream of personal income to live off before you just jump into a business. The best way to make your business a success is not to live off the income from it for a year or more.
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