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Default estate after someone dies

My mother recently passed, and had no living will (that I know of)

I am the oldest of 6 children, and my mom was single when she passed.
I know she didnt have many assets, but she did have a house in her name.

How do I find that information out? What she owes? How do I manage this transition?
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Default estate after someone dies

In most states estates that exceed $100k must go through probate. You would benefit by calling a couple of local probate attorneys to find out if your mother's property and other assets are required to go through probate. You would want to interview at least 3 probate attorneys before selecting one to represent you and the other heirs of your mother.

The probate attorney would open probate in a court to make a determination as to who would inherit your mother's house and transfer of the title deed from your mother's name to her heirs.Prior to the probate being closed your probate judge would ding a document authorizing the legal transfer of all property to include the house to your mother's heirs.

Once this document has been signed, someone would be required to take this signed document to the county recorders office to transfer the title to all property of you mother. There will be a nominal fee charged by the county office.

Bank accounts and other assets would also be transferred and the judge would divide these assets according to the state laws of the state where the property and all assets are located.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


You might would want to check around you mother's home to find bank account statements, 401k plans and other legal documents indicating if she had assets and where these assets are located. Once these documents are located, they should be turned over to your probate attorney this is representing the family.

The probate attorney would be paid by your mother's estate.
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Default estate after someone dies

see an attorney
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Default estate after someone dies

You get a probate lawyer to assist you.
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Default estate after someone dies

First off a LIVING will deals solely with medical treatment.
It is a Will your mom lacked. You need to petition the Probate court to designate you as the Executor of the Estate. Then you can sell the house, pay off debts and disburse any remaining funds to all the children.
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