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Default say they ask they should hire me

I applied last week for a receptionist position in an elementary school. I have an interview tomorrow. It is an entry level position ,so therefore, I do not have any experience what-so-ever. They are willing to train me. What are good basic interview questions that they can ask? What should I say when they ask me why they should hire me?

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Default say they ask they should hire me

~tell them your flappybird score~
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Default say they ask they should hire me

1) You are a team player. Tell them about any times you have worked on projects with others and how you like to be a part of a team. Teamwork is very critical in todays workforce. Let them know you have great respect for your co-workers and understand the serious responsibility involved in taking care of children and helping them to be successful adults. Let them know how rewarding it will be for you to know that you made a good impression on young people and helped them to get a better education.

2) Do not be nervous and just be relaxed, confident and friendly, turn on the charm but in a genuine way. Smile and compliment the weather or the office or the school. The worse they can do is not hire you and there will be many other job opportunities. There is no real reason to be nervous. Don't be quiet and shy but be sure to listen when someone else is speaking. Try not to act nervous. Employers would like to think that you have other job opportunities. If you act like this is so important you are desperate for a job then they will be alarmed.

3) Their biggest concern is about your mental stability. Turn on the charm and be sweet but in a realistic way. Try not to be fake. They are wondering whether you are someone they want to talk to every day. Will you come to work with a smile? or will you come complaining about challenges in your life or job?

4) The worst they can do is not give you the job - remember that you are interviewing them as well. Be sure to ask lots of good questions about the job. Do a bit of research about the school before you get there and tell them what you already know about the schools history. It will impress them you cared enough to do some research. Research is another valuable job skill.

5) Tell them you love children and talk about the time you spend either babysitting, entertaining your relatives or at family get togethers. Tell them about any volunteer work you have participated in or any causes or fund raising for good causes in which you have participated.

6) Let them know you have good common sense. Common sense is getting more rare these days. Talk about your good work ethic and your conviction to always finish everything you start. Let them know you are a self-starter but you have the common sense to know when it is time to ask questions or to ask for help.

7) If they ask you something you do not know then do not be afraid to say you do not know. Many times they ask some technical questions only to see if you are honest or if you will try to make things up. There is nothing wrong with saying that you do not know the answer to that question but that you are intelligent enough to know when it is time to ask a supervisor or a more experienced co-worker about policies and procedures. Nobody knows everything. People who think they know everything are a liability. They can easily train you for work you are not familiar with. Honesty is very important. Never try to lie in a job interview.

8) When the opportunity arrives, tell them about the happy things in your life like your hobbies or sports. Try to sound like an interesting person who will be a positive contributor to the office rather than a whiner or a complainer. Talk about how you are a dedicated worker and keeping a regular work schedule is very important to you. Let them know you always show up to work early and will stay until the job is done.

9) Often they ask you to tell them about some of your weaknesses. This is very common. The best thing to do is to try to take a positive attribute and try to make it sound like you think it is a fault. For instance, tell them you tend to become very focused on completing assigned tasks and you often take work home with you and that you have to remind yourself that there is more to life than work. Tell them you are a bit of a perfectionist and often dwell on doing things to the best of your ability. Say something like "if it is worth doing, it is worth doing right".

10) They often ask why they should hire you over someone else. Remind them that you pay great attention to detail and value education for children. Let them know that you would work hard to help bring valuable ideas for ways to improve your own work and that your good common sense makes you an ideal choice because people tell you they admire the things you have done. Talk about your great organizational skills and how you like to develop systems or use the systems that are in place so that you feel like you are on top of your responsibilities.

Being relaxed and confident are really the most important qualities they look for in a job interview. If you seem very nervous, shy or quiet then it sets off all kinds of warning bells. People wonder if you have a personality disorder or issues in your personal life that make you an introvert. They are trying to get to know you in a job interview. If you just sit their quietly and nervously answer only the questions asked, it looks like you might be anti-social or trying to hide something. Try not to seem desperate for a job, even if you are. They want to feel like they are lucky to find such a wonderful applicant as you. Best of luck to you!
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Default say they ask they should hire me

That Save The Planet guy has a good bit of stuff for you to consider.

I would like to add one more thing:

You must really want this job, not desperate. Be self assured, confident and offer your hand and lean forward while introducing yourself and smile. These simple things are what constitute a good first impression.
As it has been said, you don't get a second chance to make a good first impression.

You need to listen mostly to their questions, and give simple, straight forward answers, don't elaborate. Make good eye contact and don't look down or shut your eyes or show any sign of uncertainty like pausing a long time between sentences that will seem like you are not prepared with your approach.
Staying focused on point will get your foot in the door of a successful job.
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Default say they ask they should hire me

Tell them about your honesty, dependability, or whatever work-relevant good qualities you possess. You already have character. Relate it to the job responsibilities.
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