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Default family financial crisis and i can't do anything.. any tips

For the sake of not exposing any identities, I will not reveal my name and I can tell you that I am still a teenage boy.

So, I know long ago that my parents were having hard time financially. I try not to worry much as I know it will stress them more. I haven't asked for anything since I was a little kid because I know that I need to save up. My parents keep on trying to comfort me or perhaps covering up the problems we are having now by asking me whether I want to buy stuffs or not. I don't eat breakfast sometimes and I save the money up. I have done all those website tips to save up money by reducing electricity etc, but I can't just convince my father to do so too. Does anyone have any tips :(? He is so hard-headed.

I try to teach my sisters to do the same thing, but they just won't! They want to buy stuffs all the time for New Year, Christmas etc etc. Why can't they understand? So far, I have done a great job. I got scholarship for my tuition and school. The problem is, we are having a harder time this time, much much harder. I need to start planning on how to produce money in one year. I was planning to teach students of lower grades because I am basically good in school subjects. But I can't for now, so what should I do? My family don't understand how to save. Only me, my mother and my grandma do. They are so persistent. Can I do anything more? I don't wanna sit here doing nothing while seeing my dad being so persistent and (sorry) stupid! I don't want this to happen! I mean, I don't have to be rich, but at least they can ensure my life... I just don't know what to do. I am just a kid, in my country, I don't get to do part-times. My friends are all happy with their adolescence life and me? I am worrying about things I shouldn't even do... What should I do? Please help :( anyone who has been through this, what did you do?

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Default family financial crisis and i can't do anything.. any tips

I'm not quite sure what your question is but it looks like you are looking for a similar experience.

My parents divorced as I was entering my teens. Four children lived with my mother. We didn't have much money and things were usually tight. There wasn't much any of us could do, just focus on our own things.

When I turned eighteen I started college but dropped out after my first year due to financial difficulties. My mother's house ended up getting in pretty bad shape any my siblings moved to my fathers house. I got my own place and worked in banking for a year or two but helped fix my mother's house up with extra funds. I'll end up buying the place off her in a few years.

Meanwhile I was able to get my own finances in order and am in the process of finishing up my education.

Nothing you can really do to control other people, everyone learns their own lessons and have their own path. No one wants to hear unsolicited advice.
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