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Default fundraisers to raise money to help pay for a pageant

We are a military family and don't have a whole lot of extra money, we save up and my daughter loves to do pageants. She is 4 1/2 and begs to do every one coming and going...we usually do really cheap ones that are local. A few months ago we entered a preliminary pageant and spent about $50 on it. My daughter won and now she is begging me to go to state. I am doing everything in my power to make sure she gets there. I am asking if any one knows any fundraisers? It is going to be a little over $1,000 to go the entire weekend. I have put jars up in 2 local businesses gathering extra change. Any ideas are welcome!
Perhaps some of you didn't get that we do work, I mean my husband is in the Marine Corps for crying out loud! Also we aren't asking for free money or begging for it! We are wanting FUNDRAISER ideas, like a bake sale, or selling t shirts or something!

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Default fundraisers to raise money to help pay for a pageant

A job is usually easier than begging for money from people who don't care about your cause. A car wash or something where you give something for the money would raise something.

Most fund raising is for a cause like medical expenses to save lives not for a child to have fun.
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