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Default start a foundation.

Ok. So I know that i am young (14) but I really want to do something special to help make the world go forward. I have not thought of the name but I know that I want it to bring awareness to rape, domestic violence, and children that are hungry. I just want to know where should I start and what steps are needed to be taken. This is something that I am thinking about in the future so I'm not really ready just yet. But I need some information.

Also I want to try to make a law or instruct a law that all rapist will have to get a minimum of at least 10 to 15 years if guilty. Because lately I've been seeing so much of rapist getting 1 to no years for raping someone. How and can I do this?

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Default start a foundation.

start your own called "my college savings fund"
become a lawyer,,, then,,, change the world.
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Default start a foundation.

Clarify why you want to set up a foundation. There are many reasons people choose to set up a private foundation. Before you make this step, you should think seriously about your reasons, and what you want to accomplish? There is a strong presence of leadership quality is essential for doing such activity
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