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Default would a company or store hire a 14 year old (girls answers only)

I love selling stuff and doing business.I used to do bake sales, make and sell dog treats,help my sister sell Mary Kay products, and help sell stuff for high schools. My sister used to sell stuff for Mary Kay and I would always go to all the meetings. The people on the the school board ( parents and teachers) used to always ask me to sell stuff for them, raise money, and help them out at fundraisers. I started doing that when I was 8 and did that until they graduated. I used to volunteer at a pet store and helped and sold stuff there when I was 12. I now help my mom sell houses and meet with her clients. Do you know of any brands or stores that hire or let 14 year olds sell stuff for them? I could be a Consultant or just volunteer. If I contacted Mary Kay would they maybe let me sell a little?

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Default would a company or store hire a 14 year old (girls answers only)

nope, u can not legally deal
in MaryKay until u 18.
as for being an employee
in real world u need to be 18.
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Default would a company or store hire a 14 year old (girls answers only)

Most of the short duration summer intern jobs, whether paid or unpaid, will accept applications from individuals your age unless the job posting specifically states a higher age requirement. You may need to present a letter from your parents or parent to support your application.

Do not believe any of the home selling lines like Mary Kay or Avon will accept your application to be an independent representative for their product lines because you would be legally considered a child knocking on the doors of strangers. Independent representatives must sign contracts with these companies. Suggest you consider finding another local seller of Mary Kay, and talking to the representatives about assisting them with their sales. Present copies of reference letters from your sister, the pet store, and any other positive sources. The same for an Avon product representative.

Since you have worked with a makeup line before, consider contacting the owner of a local area Merle Norman store franchise, and discussing whether they would take you on as a trainee or intern.

When talking about your interest in working with and for them, always include statements asking for their support as a mentor to your first steps into the workplace.

Consider volunteering to work a few hours weekly at a local charity shop or for an organization involved in fund raising efforts for a specific cause. Have you checked with your area Humane Society? They always need volunteers, and it is a way to meet other individuals with similar interests.

Since you enjoy working with colors, have you considered going to a local sewing, quilting, or yarn shop and talking with the owner about working there to learn about matching colors and fibers to the many designs and patterns available to the customers. You might even discover an interest in creating new designs using the fiber color palette surrounding you.


Here in the United States, there is a federal law which regulates the employment of children. It is called the Fair Labor Standards Act. Focusing only on your current age of 14, you can be employed during certain daily hours and for only a certain total of hours per week. There are exceptions, one being if your parents give permission, you could be employed for an unlimited number of hours outside of your daily school hours. As a rule, state laws closely follow the federal law, and when there is a discrepancy, the more stringent rules apply.
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