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Default am i liable for injuries on my property

Warm them if they then you will contact the Police for trespassing.

That are deluded thinking they can just host a bonfire on your land.
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Default am i liable for injuries on my property

You need not worry about liability for injuries caused by others to others on your land. Advise this idiot that if he lights a bonfire on your land you will call out the fire brigade and he will most likely face a call out charge. It's bluff but he sounds thick enough to believe it.
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Default am i liable for injuries on my property

Although this would be trespassing, you CANNOT call the police (unless there is also crime or public order issue) because trespass is not a criminal matter.

Under Occupiers Liability legislation, all owners/occupiers of land have a duty to keep visitors to the land reasonably safe from harm. This does extend to trespassers. The duty of the occupier exists if the occupier knows there is a danger that the trespasser might come across, and if the danger is one against which he should offer some protection.

Long grass and theoretical snakes are not dangers that you need to protect someone against. Just because someone (say) falls over on your land does not make you automatically responsible for their injury. Similarly, if a trespasser sets off fireworks or lights a bonfire, that is THEIR responsibility not yours. In fact, if they do this and invite others on to the land, it is arguable that THEY become the occupier and so it will be they who is liable for any problems! And the duty of an occupier to invitees (as opposed to trespassers) is more onerous.

From your point of view, it is perfectly acceptable to use signs to exclude liability. Provided the signs are obvious, and make it clear that no liability is accepted, you are in the clear.
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Default am i liable for injuries on my property

No, I can't imagine you could be held responsible. Otherwise councils would be constantly liable for kids getting injured playing football in the park.

But in your shoes I'd do what I could to secure the site before the neighbours do something to it that costs you a lot to fix (like squat on it, or turn it into a dump, or cause environmental damage to the soil).
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Default am i liable for injuries on my property

If they ARE doing something on your land you call the cops and have the people fined for tresspassing. Nobody has the right to hold events on other people's property. I'm sure if you told that neighbor that YOU are going to hold a picnic on their back yard and they aren't invited and can't stop you, they'd get the message.

If anyone gets hurt, you are liable. That's what liability insurance is on your homeowners policy.
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Default am i liable for injuries on my property

I have recently bought a small plot of land off the council and the neighbours hate me for it. The plot is to be built on In the future but until I get the funding it's just going to stay as it is. The neighbours are constantly complaining that the grass is too long and claim there's snakes (which I highly doubt). Anyway there has been a few threats of claims being made if their children get hurt while playing on the land. Since then I have put signs up which basically say any injuries while trespassing are not to be held against me. There is also a sign to warn children not to play on the site. Up until today I thought that will do there's no worrying now, until I had a visit off one of the neighbours who has told me they ARE having a bonfire on my land and they ARE setting fireworks off aswell. Both of these things happening bother me very little in regards to damaging my property as its getting built on anyway. However if a serious injury happens on my land with fireworks or fire, am I held responsible and could I face a court case? If so I need to stop this happening as I cannot afford fencing to seal off the perimeter
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