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My husband has cancer and can't work. I'm over 50 and so is my husband but neither of us are old enough to collect Social Security and I have never worked. I got married right out of high school. I have no job skills and haven't any idea what type of work I can do. There are really no businesses here out in this rural area, not even fast food here. All we have is a gas station, a small country store and a little pharmacy. I've asked all three for a job and none of them are hiring. We live way out in the country in a very small rural village and the nearest jobs are 50 miles away down the mountain. We had to sell our truck for the money to help with expenses. There is no public transportation here, not even bus service. I can get rides from neighbors to the local country market but not have them drive me 50 miles one way to work, then drive back home 50 miles, then drive 50 miles to pick me up from work and then drive 50 miles back to drop me off at home. That is just out of the question. We are flat broke and on Medicaid and on food stamps which is a debit card that pays only for things that can be eaten. The County we live in doesn't have any type of welfare programs other than food stamps, housing and help with utilities. There is no type of cash handouts or welfare checks or any such things here. We have no money for things like household cleaning products, personal care items like shampoo, soap, deodorant, etc. Out of desperation we used a credit card to purchase items our food stamps wouldn't. But now we have a huge credit card debit that is in the thousands we can't pay and no money in the bank other than $100.00. We have sold everything we can and are left with only our clothing and very basic necessities. We have contacted local charities and church groups and they have helped us with rent, food and utilities but they aren't able to help us with our credit card debt or much needed cash for items that our food stamps won't pay for. My husband is seeking disability through the help of a disability attorney but it's taking a long time and in the meantime we need financial help right now. I have asked neighbors if I can do any odd jobs for them like baby sit or gardening or cleaning house or whatever, but none of my neighbors need any help and most of the people in this area are financially strapped as well and can't afford to pay me to do work for them. My husband and I have no family to help us. We never had children and our parents are deceased and so are our aunts, uncles and we lost track of cousins a long time ago and don't even know what state they are living in now. So going to family for help is not an option. Any ideas what we can do? P.S. I'm using a neighbor's computer as we don't have one. I know nothing about computers and my neighbor is helping me with how to post this. My typing skills are awful and it has taken me an hour to type this. So office work is not something I qualify for and the nearest office is 50 miles away anyway.
Unfortunately, we can't borrow money. Like I said, we have no close relatives. We don't even have siblings. Both my husband and I are only children. Our friends are almost as poor as we are and can't loan us any money. No institution will loan us money. We don't own anything other than the clothes on our backs. We don't own any property, we don't own a vehicle. If it weren't for some friends, we'd be homeless. They are letting us live in a room above their garage. We are simple country folk, we know nothing about T-bills or investments of any type. We only have $100.00 in cash left to our name and that's all the money we have in the entire world. Thank goodness for my neighbors who let me use their computer for typing this because we don't even have a computer and the nearest library that has computers is 50 miles away down the mountain.

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Default need financial help do

Pray, you'll survive that challenge. I think it could be better if you will borrow money to pay all your debts and some part of your borrowed money will be use to invest for t-bills. I recommend you to invest into a T-bills rather than on stocks or bonds, because on T-bills you'll be sure the your money will go back to you. But if you don't have any idea about investing and you have other skills such as cooking, then use some part of the borrowed funds to make goods then sell it. I know it will be so difficult for you to borrow money because of your status right now, so i think just borrow money to your close friends or close relatives.
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Default need financial help do

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