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Default Is this a too conservative of a retirement portfolio?

I'm 53 years old and have about 1 million dollars in "cash". The money are in funds: 50% stock, 30% bond, 20% cash.

Am I being too conservative or "OK"?
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Default Is this a too conservative of a retirement portfolio?

Not enough information yet. Is your retirement home paid in full? What age are you retiring? What does your retirement monthly budget look like?

I mean, I million looks good on paper for me. But I am frugal as hell. I don't like 20% in cash, even if it is money market funds. I want it working. People will tell you the other 50/30 are good. But I see the market rebounding before you retire, so I'd like more stock in Mutuals, and not individuals. I also know China is about to kick our American asses, like we have never before imagined. So maybe some international/Chinese investments.

Never the less, with good investments, you'll double your 1 million before 63, and be in good shape.
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Default Is this a too conservative of a retirement portfolio?

I think you're OK.

The 20% cash means you have about $200,000 earning interest at rates of 1% - 3% at best. You might want to consider a little less in this category.

If interest rates rise in the near future, as many predict, bond funds will take a hit. If you own long term bond funds, do consider changing to shorter term funds to anticipate this. If you own individual corporate or treasury bonds, you could hold them to maturity and be less susceptible to rate fluctuations.

Your stock allocation at 50% is fine.
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