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Default hypothesis testing for stats?

Seven percent of mutual fund investors’ rate corporate stocks “very safe”, 58% rate
them “somewhat safe”, 24% rate them “not very safe”, 4% rate them “not at all safe”, and 7%
are “not sure”. A recent poll asked 530 mutual fund investors how they would rate corporate
bonds on safety. The responses are as follows:
Safety Rating/ Frequency
Very Safe / 48
Somewhat Safe/ 323
Not Very Safe/ 79
Not at all Safe/ 17
Not Sure/ 63
Total 530

Do mutual fund investors’ attitudes toward corporate bonds differ from their attitudes toward
corporate stocks? Support your conclusion with an appropriate hypothesis test and use a 0.01
significance level.
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Default hypothesis testing for stats?

Use the chi-square test for goodness of fit. The expected comes from the data on corporate stocks, and the observed is the data on corporate bonds.
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