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Default I am a 4th year B.Tech-ECE India student and on the last stages of Univ results for MS in US and prob is?

I had applied for Spring 2012(Jan) semester as i was unable to apply for Fall 11 sem due to some problems. I had final year placement from Accenture and it might also give me joining by July end or August Starting and it has a bond of 1 year @ 1.5 lacs INR.

I really love my branch and aspire to do higher studies from a reputed american University keeping money factor in mind but except my family other people, my friends, my relatives are all trying to pull me down and tell me facts like i am a stupid kid with insanity of going to US in my mind cropped in 2-3 days seeing other people go.

They say take work ex in Accenture but how could i explain them, work ex counts if it is relevant to your specialization. I just don't want to be bounded my any shackles which IT companies put on, i want to be free to innovate, discover, observe and postulate.

I am doing this as its my own wish, it had always been since my 2nd year when i dropped it as people said it costed like 40 lacs INR but later i decided i would be stable on my decision no matter whatever happens.

I had admit from University of Massachusetts, Amherst for this Fall 11, even if i had applied for spring but i want to have much better options awaited(Research opp wise and Cost wise too).

But I am loosing my temper and getting more frustrated everyday as Accenture date is closing in and possibly no response till 2 months from any Univ.

I had really hopeful for getting admit in Virginia Tech and Texas A&M University, I had put really hard work in putting their application together but people are saying they are ambitious bet because of their ranking and excellent funding and low fee.

Now i am getting more and more introvert, i don't like to talk to any of my relatives or friend at home, they always ask about that damn Accenture but no one cares about my dreams..
well in nutshell the Q is these are the factors and implications that i have told, my situation to have reader have clear picture and the real problem is getting introvert and frustrated.

Colleges list i know fully, i had been spending 2 years in it.
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Default I am a 4th year B.Tech-ECE India student and on the last stages of Univ results for MS in US and prob is?

Whats the question?

Apply for University of Mississippi, Auburn University, or Mississippi State University
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