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Default what should i invest my money in?

in savings accounts, checking accounts, stocks, bonds - what? id like to have the least risk, and most profits as possible obviously but am willing to take risks to make some good returns or interest. id like to cut the middle men out so i dont have to pay fees - such as with stocks and mutual funds, but id also like to make better returns than treasury bonds and savings or CD accounts. the only other thing i can think of doing is penny stocks - but theres no real money making potential there - i believe and also i dont want to be a victim of a "pump and dump" scheme since im just starting our. i have about 150$ to start with but may have 200 soon - im just looking to start out and see if i can make any good money

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Default what should i invest my money in?

Buy gold bullion, pack it into a chest, bury it in your back yard.
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Default what should i invest my money in?

You have $150 ?? And MIGHT have another $200 soon?


You are not in any position to be investing. You have no money.

If you have $150 EACH MONTH to inest, then you could probably do fairly well by dollar-cost-averaging and buying stocks consistently every month.

You don't tell us your timeframe, goals for the money, etc. If you will need the money in less than 5 years, then it should not be in long-term investments; it should simply be in a savings or checking account (which will not help your money to grow.)

Come back when you have some money, and we can advise a bit more.
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Default what should i invest my money in?

Put your money in the bank. Then when you have $1,000, buy Vanguard's Star fund - VGSTX.
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Default what should i invest my money in?

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