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Default apply please help

Well , first of all
I'm studying in London at the moment , still in high school .
But I'm only here because of my dad's job he's a diplomat.
I've decided that I wanna be an investment banker when I'm older since I'm good at maths but I don't really know how , I live in egypt and I'm going there next year so I might study college there or somewhere else. I know two languages , Arabic and English so I think I can work in high standers cities .
So I wanna know , If I get my maths and business bachelors from Egypt , can I apply for a job in a big investment companies such as Goldman Sachs? I know it's not easy but I will do my best to get a good bachelors, so what do I do once I graduate ? How do I apply for Goldman Sachs when I'm living in a different country ? And what do I apply for , a work visa ? Please answer and thank you for reading .

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