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Default are teachers in massachussets overpaid

They make over 70,000 about 25,000 more than the average salary of full time jobs in the US and they only work 10 months of the year... Also this salary is the same for all teachers including gym teachers and stuff

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Default are teachers in massachussets overpaid

Education has become an end rather than a means to an end. Being government funded the answer to poor results is to throw another billion at it. A few years ago there was a push to pay teachers 100k in order to attract the best and produce the smartest. Fortunately that foolishness did not succeed but people pushing big government never go away. The problems with our education system are myriad but money is not one of them. Pay of 20k would only attract the most dedicated or desperate but certainly not the best. Paying as much as they are would only attract the most greedy but certainly not the best. With ~180 school days, plus some pre and post days, they work ~38 weeks at most. Add a typical 4 weeks worth of holiday and vacation days and that makes 42 weeks at most. In their favor for more is that they do grade papers etc. making a week over 40 hours. Suck it up buttercup - so do a lot of people in a lot of professions. They also make a lot of noise about how they buy various supplies for classes. Those complaints should go to their school boards asking where the heck all the money is being wasted. Most school boards are top heavy and bureaucracy laden. They should also put their union to a good use in complaining about that instead of protecting teachers who have sex with students, declining student standards and such. Not only are they overpaid in Massachusetts but pretty near everywhere.
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