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Default headhunter/recriter please answer

Just went to visit one of these scanning for a hedge fund. I'm business but going into finance, know my stuff and got 1 ridiculous question thrown at me. He asked me to multiply a two-digit number by another two-digit number and I failed BADLY. Tried to do it and had some laughs, first answer I gave was off by only 100 and everything else was good, second answer I was throwing poo at the wall out of nervousness and desperation. I can easily multiply and can't believe this happened, I am so down right now I can't describe. Has this cost me my potential interview??

He said he emailed my resume to the bosses and they said they may want to see me. That was yesterday. Today was the meeting with him. I asked if they want to see me and NOW he said "maybe" and then asked if I am free on X day.

Please tell me if this has cost me my interview? I am so down.
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