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Default i need some advive..please help on edwardjones investing

Edward Jones is a good company with a long track record of helping people invest for the future. It will cost you nothing to talk with them. You will personally not have to pay them anything - - even if you use them. They are typically paid by the companies whose products they sell (the mutual fund companies).

Edward Jones is particularly useful for people like yourself with extremely limited understanding of investing. You will not get anywhere near as much information or guidance from a "discount broker" (like on online broker).

But your question was more basic than that. You want to know if you should be "branching out".

If you are investing for retirement, then your company 401K is the best plan if you are contributing up to the company match. So before you "branch out", you should first be contributing 6% of your salary to the 401K plan at work.

Once you have done that, your next step would be to visit with the Edward Jones guy to open a ROTH IRA. But until you are making full matching contributions to your 401K plan, there is no reason to "branch out" for retirement investing.

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Default i need some advive..please help on edwardjones investing

Stay with your Walmart plan.
Do not invest with EJ, they are just middle men
that take off a slice of your money. Your better
option would be to invest with Fidelity or Vanguard
mutual funds directly along with a Roth IRA.
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Default i need some advive..please help on edwardjones investing

i am 24 years old have been employed with the company wal-martfor 6 years. i am currently enrolled-particapating in their profit sharing program.which includes stock through computer share the company contributes 15% of of what i do i currently have about 60 shares at the current price of around 75$.......with the 401k plan is through meryl lynch where my copmany wal-mart matches up to 6%..i currenty have around 10,000 in the 401k question is should i keep going down the road ia am now?was thinking about try to brach some off? but i have now clue which would be a soid and rewarding path. a lady i work with recamends a guy she goes through at edwardjones? was think of possibly was my opitions could be how much he would cahrge?and how much profit could be possible in how many years? what you you recamend? i have some in my savings also.......THANKS......
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