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Default taxes on interest or fund built from stocks

I'm getting ready to start investing and still doing research on taxes or anything that I would have to pay for what I invested and earned. I'm looking for as much advice and information as i can get before i start. I'm gonna start off by buying a few stocks and start building through buying and selling. My question is, is there a specific percentage of tax that I would have to pay for interest in bonds, CDs, or funds that I've built from selling high stocks? I'm in Virginia if that would help. My uncle use to invest but he's made a few mistakes and had to file bankruptcy and owed $500,000. I'm just trying to make sure that I don't have the same problem. What would be a good method to start from scratch and work myself up? I was thinking about building up to maybe 200,000 somehow and then put that in a CD with at least 1% APY and use the dividends to but more stocks or put it in a mutual fund. How much tax would i have to pay for the interest or dividends i would make in the CD or funds I make from the stocks and mutual funds? Any advice on that or any other methods?

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