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  1. Comparing AICCX, FNITX & VFIAX 5 year returns on chart. VFIAX has highest 5 year average but FNITX has highest?
  2. I have about 1200 saved up. I'm 16 and I was wondering if it would be smarter to invest or buy something?
  3. how can I start my cafe business with no money saved?
  4. How to get a small bussiness loan?
  5. How do you open your own business?
  6. how to you open a restaurant?
  7. My boyfriend makes around 40,000 a year give or take, normally he pays back on taxes?
  8. Where can I get a business loan?
  9. i make $7,523.00 a month, what should box 1-3 say on my next w2?
  10. ticker for Blackrock Large Cap Value Index fund?
  11. Sell funds in Rollover IRA to buy an Index Fund?
  12. how to start my own business?
  13. How Do I Start a Successful Small Business?
  14. Wat is the symbol for i- shares biotech index?
  15. Need help with Gaming cafe?
  16. Stock market advise for teen?
  17. I am thinking of opening a restaurant, but the hardest part for me is how to get capital to start it out.?
  18. a) What are the major advantages that credit unions enjoy over banks? b) What are the major disad?
  19. a) What are the major advantages that credit unions enjoy over banks? b) What are the major disad?
  20. what is the hightest loan bank offer for a new business just start for one year?
  21. I need a broad (!) american share index that includes dividends etc. - do you guys know one?
  22. can I file my mother which died in Feb of 2012 on my income taxes this year of 2013?
  23. i have 60k saved up what to do?
  24. ETF Discrepancy.............?
  25. CPA Question! HELP! I beg?
  26. What is the best wealth building business today ?
  27. How do I report an error in Yahoo finance data?
  28. what does the total points of an entire stock market represent?
  29. what would be the total real return on investment?
  30. How Restaurant Loans Can Help Its Owners?
  31. Question about Roth IRA's - Retirement Plans etc..?
  32. Canadian TD account -> deposit USD?
  33. Picking a bond fund.....?
  34. should I invest in index funds or an actively managed fund?
  35. My father will soon be receiving a check for $100,000 from a Workers Comp settlement. He is very?
  36. Help with stock trading?
  37. Is my daughters trust growing sufficiently?
  38. I want to start a business what steps do i have to take to start?
  39. How do you interpret a regression output for stock returns?
  40. What is a passive investment and a passive investment at market value?
  41. Investments that have a GUARANTEED return (question about LOTTERY)?
  42. How do I start a business?
  43. I want to take a bank loan suggest me how procedure of a bank?
  44. Roth IRA through Vanguard?
  45. Investing in 2013 if the markets crash?
  46. How much money can we safely deposit in the bank?
  47. How can I get into investing?
  48. Best ways to invest small amount of money?
  49. How can I invest $30,000?
  50. Opening a soccer store?
  51. How do you start a business?
  52. I would like to start up a small icecream parlor?
  53. How can a minor start investing?
  54. I need help on using Ebay!?
  55. What are index funds? and how do they work?
  56. Best return on investment?
  57. What is the smartest thing a 22 year old can do with £9000?
  58. What is the US dollars stock symbol?
  59. How can I build my credit if nobody wants to give me credit?
  60. how can i get funding for a new small business if i don't have good credit?
  61. If you believe in the efficient market hypothesis you will typically ________.?
  62. help with credit questions?!?
  63. What are the definitions for these banking terms?
  64. best way to invest $200 towards retirement?
  65. Cash assistance and welfare the same?
  66. New to stocks, is vanguard by itself safe?
  67. How do real estate investors obtain insurance for buildings?
  68. What are all the things i "need to know" to start my own buiseness?
  69. Starting my own business?
  70. Micro-lending Strategies to minimize losses.?
  71. Is starting a business a long process?
  72. I want to open up a cafe?
  73. How Do I Open a Bar? How do I Get Started?
  74. I need help on using Ebay!?
  75. Loans to start a small business..going towards Home Decór...any ideas?
  77. Do I need a business degree to get a small business loan to open a candy store?
  78. Opening a soccer store?
  79. How do you buy stocks the smart way?
  80. Can I get a business startup loan without collateral?
  81. Standard & Poor's Depositary Receipts?
  82. i need help to get some money to start business?
  84. How do I get a loan to start up a small buisness and what are the requirements?
  85. which charity organisations do invest money?
  86. If I forgot to add the American Opportunity Tax Credit to my 2009 taxes, can I go back and refile?
  87. How do you get a business loan worth $200 k?
  88. Opening your own business?
  89. Tips to starting a business?
  90. anyone with real and successful experience on the FOREX?
  91. Prime Lending Rate in U.S.A?
  92. How can I prepare for the Peace Corps as a teenager?
  94. How can I invest $30,000?
  95. What do I need to start my own business?
  96. Do paid credit cards work on Ebay and Amazon or only in stores?
  97. Next on 2013? How to start little bussiness?
  98. where can i invest my $10 and make it $1000?
  99. What are the steps to starting a small business?
  100. How to set-up small business and later making it Large and expansive?
  101. What's the best way to invest $25000?
  102. How Do I Get Business Financing?
  103. dividends vanguard (vsisx) 12/2012?
  104. Where should I put my $148/wk if I plan to save $100,000 over the next 13 years?
  105. How to start a small business?
  106. How to get a business loan?
  107. I had 'bad' credit score for about the past?
  108. Investing in 2013 if the markets crash?
  109. I would like to start a hardscaping business in PA?
  110. Summarize the process of starting a new venture (business).?
  111. Can I get a loan to start up a sports organization?
  112. How do i start my own janitorial company?
  113. I want to take a bank loan suggest me how procedure of a bank?
  114. How to get started investing in stocks?
  115. How to open business?
  116. Isn't investing just gambling?
  117. What is the process of inventing an idea?
  118. Government Loans or Grant for small business?
  119. Is it possible to invest only $10000 in real estate?
  120. How to start small bussiness?
  121. How do I start a business?
  122. procedures how can i start business?
  123. Vanguard social index fund--will we?
  124. How to work out the instrisic value of a stock?
  125. Where in Buffalo, NY can I cash checks on the weekends?
  126. People who invest in the stock market by themselves(not using broker) how many hours do you spend weekly on it?
  127. Health care stocks like HCA will rally on Wednesday morning in wake of President Obama's victory?
  128. Roth IRA vs Money Market?
  129. Best place to invest $10,000 in today's economy?
  130. In a present market efficiency is enhance by?
  131. If I put $100 into a Mutual Fund, what returns can I expect in a given time frame?
  132. how to turn 1000 dollars into 2000?
  133. Will the bank give us a business start up loan?
  134. Can I get the earned income credit from last year?
  135. Which index fund or ETF?
  136. How i can got a loan from bank for a freelance software company?
  137. Is it irrational to hold a mutual fund that keeps declining...?
  138. Give me 5 different methods to invest in the "fear index". I have only 2?
  139. Am I able to get a business loan at the age of 18?
  140. How does an ETF index fund work?
  141. Just started investing...?
  142. How do you invest in Diamonds.?
  143. Health Savings Account (HSA) with no restrictions on which mutual fund etf in which you invest the funds?
  144. How does putting money into a mutual funds work?
  145. How should invest my 401k contributions?
  146. How much better are ETFs than standard mutual funds?
  147. Question on spread betting trading.?
  148. How can i earn online?
  149. 18 year old looking to invest in an index fund?
  150. What is the smart thing to do with $8 or $10 K that I will need in 6 months?
  151. Where to move funds other than Saving account of BOA, the interest is so low at 0.05%.?
  152. If I buy index funds with a company, can I withdraw the total amount of money at anytime?
  153. Which Emerging Market stock Index Fund is good to invest?
  154. Question about buying and selling RRSPs?
  155. Would you buy a house or invest if you had $300,000?
  156. Would it be better if I invested in stock or in an Index fund/Mutual Fund in this uncertain economy?
  157. Why do the S&P 500 index funds in my 401k not pay dividends in last 2 years?
  158. investing with 50k low risk?
  159. exchange traded funds (ETF)?
  160. How to get refund from selling an item that was ended by ebay.?
  161. Should I have my money in the stock market or in a savings account?
  162. What is the Expected Return?
  163. No leverage trading ? how many points will it take to double my account?
  164. Which U.S. Index funds would be the best?
  165. What do you thnk willl be a good investment for 2011?
  166. How should I invest for the future?
  167. I want a safe investment with 6-20% return?
  168. how does double exposure work in leveraged ETF with index future?
  169. Cashing out index fund tax free for education tuition?
  170. Which is more tax efficient: investing in an S&P Index fund, or S&P Depository Receipts?
  171. How do I find how well a mutual fund performed relative to its peer group and indexes?
  172. What is an index fund?
  173. Structured Note called the"Best of" S&P500, EFA, or Emerging Markets." Is this a good investment?
  174. Is this how you are suppose to make money in the stock market with an index fund?
  175. Which online broker should I go to for mutual funds?
  176. Fidelity Roth IRA fund with no transaction fee?
  177. Why does Obama feel it's VITAL to spend 75% more than we take in on BIG GOVERNMENT and bribes for his friends?
  178. webhosting-ipage or webhostingpad?
  179. Should I invest in a traditional 401k or roth 401k?
  180. Was it "Courageous" for OBAMA & DEMOCRATS to steal money from FOOD STAMPS to payoff Teachers' Union?
  181. How do people track their investments?
  182. Question About the Difference Between an Index Fund, ETFs, Spiders, and iShares?
  183. Did you know that the LARGEST "Gender Equal" Experiment have failed spectacularly in Kibbutz example?
  184. Are Conspiracies non existent? Or Pretty much a Constant Reality, in Human Society?
  185. Is there an index fund for geothermal energy ?
  186. Weird email....what should I do?
  187. anyone ever heard of vermont funding solutions?
  188. If the dow jones went down, can its index fund go up?
  189. How to invest in an index fund?
  190. How should I plan a short term investment strategy for myself?
  191. what is the best online trading site for beginners?
  192. What are pretty safe stocks right now, and why?
  193. drafting privlege with no money in checking account at austin telco?
  194. Starting investing fund?
  195. We know that over 4 million ppl have applied for Affordable Care Insurance and according to Democratic media?
  196. what is Vanguards Dividend paying index fund?
  197. Is it better to have all of your money invested in one single company or divided amongst 30 or so?
  198. Wanted: Studies on how many people really earn a living by trading in stocks?
  199. What can I do to make a profit off of 5 to 10 thousand dollars?
  200. What will happen to gold prices when the bubble in the Chinese housing market bursts?
  201. what if the earnings ( dividends, capital gains, interest, etc. ) in my tfsa put me over my allowable limit.?
  202. Stock market help?
  203. The following is part of the computer output from a regression of monthly returns on Waterworks stock against?
  204. best way to invest my money?
  205. What do you think of my new social networking site?
  206. Historical Prices/Why don't they show what the charts shoe? There was a horrific dip in most all stocks in 2008. Am I reading incorrectly?
  207. How do I collect my money when I am investing in index funds? New to investing...?
  208. How to calculate the beta of a portfolio?
  209. Help fund my writing?
  210. How to transfer payza money to sri lankan Bank Account?
  211. Id like to start investing my small 401k. How would I go about it?
  212. What is the best index fund to invest in ?
  213. Wanna be a RN. CC stop giving me financial aid they say I make to much. What should I do?
  214. Who gets to claim our nieces and nephews for taxes?
  215. How can I maximize profit from a hedge fund?
  216. Does anybody have any suggestions?
  217. How to open your own business?
  218. Can somebody please donate money to help with rent?
  219. What are some very stable, safe long term mutual funds with relatively high return rates?
  220. Can someone explain how ETF trading works?
  221. How does the point system work on the NASDAQ and ASX?
  222. Need advice investing in stocks?
  223. What is a strong efficient market?
  224. If you had 15,000 dollars what would you do to make more money with it?
  225. Thoughts on Motif investing?
  226. should I give my father my entire tax refund?
  227. Saving for retirement - a newbie.?
  228. How do i buy shares on the baltic dry index in the UK?
  229. Investing strategy Etrade?
  230. p/e ratio of stock market index?
  231. How do you go about choosing a REIT to invest in?
  232. Which is better historically Ftse Dow S&p500 Nasdaq ?
  233. Is there any contact info for any corporate execs for Direct Express?
  234. I want to invest $5000. Should I invest with Wealthfront or open my own brokerage acct?
  235. How would you invest money?
  236. How rich can investing truly make you?
  237. Breakout Scans, What Criteria to use? (stock market)?
  238. What happens if i pay the ebay fees after a year?
  239. rolling options question?