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  1. I need advice on how to cut back on all of my expenses!!?
  2. Do law enforcement agencies have to pay taxes on money they recover from drug busts?
  3. Careers In NYC? Also require a College Degree?
  4. what to include in architectural presentation?
  5. How can apartment complex managment check employment?
  6. Mortgage application: prequalification vs preapproval?
  7. Why do we have to buy bonds in bulk?
  8. I am in bad debt from my ex, had to pull a title loan, and need financial help/advice?
  9. Is it a good idea to move from texas to california ?
  10. Do I need a business license if I do re-upholstery work from my house?
  11. Are cash deposits taxable?
  12. personal injury - hit bicyclist with my car - what if insurance policy limit does not cover?
  13. How much money should you save before moving out?
  14. How can i stop spending money?
  15. Budgeting my paycheck?
  16. If I have a federal tax ID number do I need a state employer ID number?
  17. No credit history, 3 credit card applications denied. 18 year old?
  18. if i make 1500 can i get a aptmt for 500 help pleeas?
  19. what is a zero balance account?
  20. Is KFC paying me correctly?
  21. what is the limit on SUI/SDI in NJ taken out of your check?
  22. i have $31,000 in ira and would like to take it out how much would i get?
  23. Can an American company assign freelance work to a Canadian?
  24. Need personal loan $3000 low intreast?
  25. How can I build credit?
  26. 401k for just a year?
  27. What can I do with a 60,000$ salary?
  28. Should I be getting all 850 dollars from my dads Disability income?
  29. Process of becoming legally independent and what this means for my finances?
  30. Does Giant Merchandising still exist?
  31. what are deductiond for tax purposes and how to determine if an item is deductable?
  32. Help me with a budget?
  33. How to buy a house with secret income? READ DESCRIPTION! economics help!?
  34. how can i start a clothing line?
  35. What are the four perspectives of a balance score card? and what does each do?
  36. Should we walk away from our house and foreclose?
  37. if i have bankruptcy can i have reverse mortgage?
  38. How does the U.S get into debt if they make the money or do they?
  39. how do i find investors for my business in technology?
  40. How much finacial aid will i get?
  41. IRS Installment Agreement Question!?
  42. 1040 NR and schedule NEC?
  43. Will they check for jobs at income based apartments?
  44. How can I be better at budgeting and handling money?
  45. Share tips for someone new?
  46. Avoiding IRA Rollover Penalties?
  47. I need help budgeting my money?
  48. Ihave no money to bury my cousin?
  49. Will stocks deflate in value as baby boomers begin to cash out?
  50. Questions about getting a job at 15?
  51. can someone explain to me what changes the price of a stock?
  52. Could a person make a good living starting of with $40,000 on the stock market?
  53. How do you invest in the stock market?
  54. Can anybody help? Building an all weather portfolio?
  55. Now that i'm n retirement what should i do about my (401?
  56. What is Stock exchange role in the uk economy?
  57. Personal Finance Class Questions?
  58. Proforma income statement & balance sheet?
  59. Macroeconmics Help !?
  60. A medium-risk ETF to invest in?
  61. What is the difference between money market and capital market?
  62. can a non-profit organization have a fundraiser that sells a product year-round?
  63. I recently started selling things on ebay, will i have to put this on my taxes for next year?
  64. How to raise my credit by the time I'm 23?
  65. How does life insurance work?
  66. I have 50K - how should I invest them wisely?
  67. I recently inherited 45K USD - what do you think would be best to invest them with?
  68. I have developed a product that will be extremely succesful, where can I find an investor?
  69. Can I afford this house?
  70. Can BillMeLater build my credit?
  71. How would you rate my portfolio?
  72. Does the current QE3 put us further into debt?
  73. Made a game, wish to sell it (Under 16 and unable to create a paypal account)?
  74. Have Social Security Disability IRA & 401K best way to take money out?
  75. Does nayone know if they can garnish Social Security Indome?
  76. Summer Session Budget Problems?
  77. Today, I was fired. 365 Dollars in the bank. Now what?
  78. How much will I be able to afford after graduation?
  79. I'm 16 and work at a grocery store and i have been making about $180 every week how can i manage my money?
  80. How do you build credit?
  81. Sophie doesn't want to work because her benefit will stop and she'll get less , what can we do ?
  82. What can I afford with 60k a year?
  83. Is salary 85K per year enough for one person?
  84. So someone told me a way to build my credit..?
  85. Can't rent a property because only had my job 2 months?
  86. Ways to build credit?
  87. If you have bad credit is there anything you can do to improve your credit score?
  88. increasing credit score?
  89. Completely discuss the budget types for NPO?
  90. I moved to Australia from New Zealand just over a year ago. How can I get a credit rating?
  91. i want a 0 % credit card to transfer my balances over?
  92. What is a reasonable salary to ask for?
  93. How am I doing so far financially?
  94. What are my odds of get approved for an auto loan?
  95. Do victims have to pay taxes on donations they receive?
  96. Accounting help !! URGENT?
  97. Is there another kind of help with paying rent besides section 8?
  98. Is it advantageous to contribute to 401(k) if you are leaving the country in a few years?
  99. How do I find potential investors?
  100. Where to find an apartment in Santa Monica?
  101. IRS letter CP27? Need Help?
  102. Money situation question?
  103. what financial help will i recieve if i go to uni?
  104. how do I know if I pay too much taxes especially Social Security and Medicare taxes?
  105. Question about Subletting an apartment?
  106. How can I let a non-profit group do a fund raiser through my personal business?
  107. What happens when you are on EI in Canada? Do you have to attend meetings while on EI?
  108. its been 6 weeks since i filed still no tax refund?
  109. i want to start a out reach program for low income families in detroit?
  110. Sublets in New York City?
  111. Is it hard to pay a $76,000 debt? How long would it take and how much more will it be w/ interest?
  112. How does investing work?
  113. how can I buy a house...?
  114. 401k vesting changes after employment terminated?
  116. Cannot find any financial help to get training for a new career/self employment (UK)?
  117. getting out of my lease early with out losing my deposit.?
  118. making money off my kids?
  119. What percentage of my husbands check should go into 401k?
  120. The Best way to build credit? ( new at this )?
  121. I'm preparing for my accountnig final, I need some help!!!!?
  122. Finance calculation question?
  123. Is it appropriate to put Vanguard STAR fund in an individual account, not ROTH IRA account?
  124. Where can I invest my money?
  125. HELP I have to pick my 401k investments and none available to me are on any of the "best" lists?
  126. Why do investors buy stock?
  127. The risk-free interest rate is determined primarily by the:?
  128. How does an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) Pay out members?
  129. Help with opening a Retirement Account?
  130. What's a good no-fee fund for my Roth IRA?
  131. Is the term "Start Up" only used for technology companies?
  132. How did George Soros break the Bank of England?
  133. Questions about a Roth IRA?
  134. How does investment work?
  135. What is a descent revenue for a moderate 401k investment?
  136. What are ETF's? And what can they do?
  137. when banks lend to people on a reverse mortgage do they take into account the capital growth in the area?
  138. Will Sacagawea dollar coins go up in worth?
  139. Job Choice - Relocation - Relationship?
  140. Is it bad for me to be doing this?
  141. I lost my job because of a work injury and I can't get a new job or unemployment. What do I do?
  142. List the following five stock funds in order from highest return to lowest return?
  143. Why don't growth funds invest in small companies and then sell it off quickly?
  144. Questions about moving out?
  145. Would you move out or stay and help?
  146. Tips on Saving/Handling money?
  147. Would SSI count what a spouse has saved or makes in USA?
  148. Questioning my futre career, dont know what to be?
  149. I don't know which career to pursue?
  150. I just got a medical bill, I don't have insurrance?
  151. What's a good way to start building your credit?
  152. Very basic W2 return question?
  153. How come I only got half my return back?
  154. Does a Roth 401K have to be employer-sponsored? Can I start my own?
  155. Personal Finance Class Questions?
  156. I'm a 1099. How much do I save for taxes in 2013?
  157. Credit card application aqua?
  158. How Do I Stay In Business?
  159. I have 3 grand in my bank havent got a house yet and i am stingy should i give 500 to my sister.?
  160. Is it ok to pull out my retirement to buy a house out right?
  161. Does this sound like a okay way to manage our money?
  162. What does the term annuity mean in tax? Is it the same thing as finance?
  163. What should I do with my money?
  164. I'm a college freshman with no credit history and I really need a credit card.?
  165. Improving My Credit Score? Paying Off College Loans - What's Your Opinion?
  166. Can my lease be terminated in Ohio if my Mother passed away and lease was based on combined income?
  167. Will I get audited by the IRS for claiming my nieces if no one else tries to claim th?
  168. When is the ZIRP expected to end?
  169. How can I transfer the balance of a 14.27 APR credit card rate to one that it 0% for the first year?
  170. How much will i get back on taxes with 4000 with my 3 kids iam 25 and head of household?
  171. Can I deduct a 401k distribution repayment on this years taxes?
  172. Do I have to file a 1099 C on my tax return?
  173. Ways to save money????
  174. I am possibly moving to Denver questions about section 8 voucher porting process?
  175. Any advice on living on my own after high school?
  176. How do I save money? I can't ever save more than one paycheck!?
  177. I am tired of struggling and have developed a plan. Tell me what do you think?
  178. Credit card applications?
  179. Should I raise my rates or something else?
  180. How do I amend a tax return?
  181. I have a hard time handling money; I need a Mark Ramsey-esque person to help me!?
  182. How does income tax work?
  183. Ok, so seriously, whats the difference between a growth money market and personal money market BOA?
  184. best way to get a goof credit score?
  185. How do low income housing authorities find out you work?
  186. What if you can't pay your financed car anymore?
  187. I need fundraiser ideas?
  188. If a mortgage loan refinance is sent to final approval, what is the likely hood that it will actually close?
  189. Can I add a dependent to my tax return after I filed (and received a refund)?
  190. Writing medical bills off my taxes?
  191. im looking into IRA's!!!!?
  192. 2 economic questions. Why is Mexico in the OECD and not Brazil? and?
  194. Why are banks stable in stocks?
  195. i was wondering if my refund could be offset because i have a closed checking account with a negative balance?
  196. Use a Logarithm to calculate interest in an investment for a college savings fund. HELP!?
  197. what is ficaee on my paystub?
  198. Louisiana State Taxes?
  199. do you have to include a w2 for a job worked only 2 days ? total amount was $140 roughly?
  200. tennant question about rent?
  201. At what point in the home buying process do you need to have the down payment in hand?
  202. I need help with a business plan ?
  203. What to stock up on for moving out? Advice ?
  204. i cosigned for private school loan and it defaulted how much of my taxes can the irs take for the garnishment?
  205. Do Aboriginal Peoples pay tax?
  206. How can you get a job if you don't have an address but can't get an address without employment?
  207. How much my annual estimate earning in FOREX with $5k start-up?
  208. How can I raise money for a car?
  209. How long will it take me to build enough credit?
  210. Question about offshoring wages?
  211. forgotten w2 last year?
  212. Will my 2011 tax returns be taken because defaulted student loans?
  213. Does making payments on a private student loan improve your credit score?
  214. Does the appraisal happen before or after getting approved for a mortgage loan?
  215. Landscape arcitecture info?
  216. How would I raise...?
  217. What's the best way to improve your credit?
  218. Can you buy a company's business' assets and net income without the liability ?
  219. If I am selling using paypal, but send the money to someone's bank account, how to file income tax?
  220. What's the difference between Net income and Revenue ? Cash flow and income ?
  221. YES I JUST WANT KNOW IF THERE IS more then one credit card company that will let me get?
  222. Does the Queen pay tax?
  223. I think my 2011 tax returns may have been filed incorrectly. What should I do?
  224. What is your experience with Discover Card?
  225. What Is A Good Credit Card?
  226. How to get a company or business to sponsor me?
  227. Mortgage qualification question?
  228. Will medicaid make the father of my baby pay back?
  229. car Bill payment question?
  230. Will I be charged if I get a credit card and not use it?
  231. I want to buy a house but i have no credit. my step dad has credit can he get the loan for the house?
  232. Is 34 years a long enough time span to save for retirement?
  233. credit report help!?
  234. Credit card balance transfer promotion question?
  235. Marriage and medicaid?
  236. I am 49 years olds, actually getting my Criminal Justice Degree, I would like to become a Detective can I ?
  237. When can I file taxes?
  238. Does this budget seem realistic?
  239. Effect of a nonprofit market?
  240. taxes on Stock income?
  241. Should I pay off my truck early?
  242. Do I have to repay flexible spending if I spent more than what I contributed if I am laid off?
  243. Paying off debt & saving?
  244. How can a creditor take my tax return?
  245. How do I get approved for an apartment? Im young, just found out i have bad credit and i have limited income?
  246. what are the taxes applicable on share trading income from india ?
  247. Does any one know any loan companies that will give a loan to people on benefits?
  248. Would after-tax contributions to a regular, qualified 401(k) be eligible for a tax-refund come April?
  249. can a creditor take your tax income?
  250. how much will this hurt my credit score?