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  1. Studying with a mortgage?
  2. Can a reverse mortgage be taken out if I already have a mortgage?
  3. how long does a 73y.old have to move,after her home was sold at an auction after it went under foreclosure?
  4. Need Help Opening an IRA?
  5. I am hesitant about what stock to choose?
  6. Can you build a company without ever accepting external funding?
  7. What happen if there is a deficit with Total Members Equity?
  8. How much mortgage are these qualifications good for?
  9. how to short sell stocks?
  10. Where can I get a data for Spinoffs,.....? HELP?
  11. Question Regarding Home Equity Loans?
  12. What are the steps to investing in tax liens and deeds?
  14. Where can we go for grants?
  15. Margin account opening are these things looked at?
  16. What do you know, if any about income which is classified as carried interest?
  17. Fair credit, good job, large down payment, good enough for home loan?
  18. Finance question-need help?
  19. If a business borrows money to buy out a shareholder and then pays off the loan when do you pay tax on that?
  20. Can someone help explain to me about financial statements?
  21. What happened to the money in my Scottrade account?
  22. Where can I get a guaranteed loan to start a business?
  23. what is meaning of nav in accounting?
  24. Personal Fiance Homework Question Due Saturday 3-9-2013?
  25. Debt Equity ratio ( help)?
  26. Need help finding stock basis?
  27. Home owner tax credit split with my ex?
  28. How do I split the home owner tax credits with my ex?
  29. Bonuses(financial) go back into the bank so does it really matter anyway?
  30. How much money should i.....?
  31. CPA question?? HELP!!!?
  32. day trading help ?
  33. Mortgage or cash for retirement home?
  34. Is a leverage ratio of 2.2 good or bad?
  35. Russia ETF, FX question..........?
  36. Finance Question Help....?
  37. Determining a discount rate?
  38. will taking a home equity loan negatively affect me from dropping my pmi?
  39. What are the main advantages and disadvantages of ETFs?
  40. What are the main differences between the following: IBanking, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Venture Capitalism?
  41. Want to become a stock trader? How?
  42. If I were to get 5 stocks under 75$ right now. What would 5 good ones be?
  43. I have an Etrade Question about trading?
  44. Business/Financial Oriented Careers without Ivy League degree?
  45. The Pension Rate-of-Return Fantasy give me a opinion?
  46. which 401k investment options are best?
  47. Abe Forrester and three of his friends from college have interested a group of venture capitalists in backing?
  48. How can I track index mutual funds in my 401(k)?
  49. Can someone help me with a finance question?
  50. How many shares need to sold in this example to raise $43 million dollars?
  51. The IBBS Co. needs to raise $65.8 million to finance its expansion into new markets.?
  52. Differences or similarities between For Profit Accounting and NonProfit Accounting?
  53. This is for an intro to business class involving, "understanding personal finances adn investments."?
  54. 18 year old stock investing help?
  55. What do you think of my investing strategy?
  56. How do you make money from ETFs?
  57. Always appropriate to discount the expected cash flows at constant risk adjusted rate?
  58. What is better LTD. or INC.?
  59. What is the maximum dividend payout ratio consistent with not requiring external funds for a firm with an ROE?
  60. How much money minimum do you need to invest in private equity?
  61. i have alot of equity in my home, how do i show this as a proof of funds in buying another home?
  62. Iffy credit. Secured loan Vs home equity loan (same or different?)?
  63. If you had $100, 000 would you invest in real estate or in a bank account at 5 % p.a?
  64. How should I invest into my 401(k)?
  65. how to prepare project report for commercial constuction activity?
  66. Marketing a crowdfunding site?
  67. How can I get a Kickstarter/Indiegogo project exposure?
  68. Pros and Cons of The Reverse Mortage Business?
  69. Ratio of Liabilities to Stockholders' Equity and Ratio of Fixed Assets to Long-Term Liabilities?
  70. Where can I get a guaranteed loan to start a business?
  71. How to register a transaction in Quickbooks from personal to business acct?
  72. Advice? I am thinking about selling my home and keeping the profit in a savings account.?
  73. Evaluate the value of a set final accounts to a business?...?
  74. Property selling and buying help?
  75. Finance construction of new home? Need 10% down?
  76. Business , grants or financial assistance...?
  77. Views on Reverse Mortgages.?
  78. Liability-assets equal equity.... i think that's the right equation?
  79. What happened to my Ancestry.com shares?
  80. Anybody pls tell me the procedures to set up an online company?
  81. I want to start a business?
  82. Difference Between Equity Stakes and Royalties?
  83. Do you need a degree to start a business?
  84. Any information about reverse mortgages that actually work?
  85. If I have a mortgage, do I still own my property?
  86. Accounting for stock dividend, help explain it in detail steps!?
  87. Ratio analysis - what assumptions could you make about a company with the listed ratios?
  88. Best Way to Pay Off Credit Cards Once You Have the Money to Do So?
  89. help me solve this question? Thank you?
  90. High performing, low cost, index for international stocks?
  91. How do I get a loan to buy commercial property?
  92. Is it smart to invest in the c,f,s and i funds of the tsp right now. I've noticed they've dropped?
  93. I am looking to purchase a home with cash, which is best forclosure, pre-forclosure, or auction?
  94. Top Accounting Contributors--Determine the Net Present Value of undertaking the project!?
  95. what is the euronext?
  96. investment question inquiry?
  97. The world's equities markets will fall by 1/3. Do you consider this a time to buy or sell?
  98. ways to make money with little investment?
  99. Isn't investing in Private Equity or funds that invest partially or fully in it better than markets?
  100. Is my family considered rich?
  101. living together- how do we split the bills?
  102. What city has the most private equity and hedge fund firms?
  103. Why can't mutual fund NAV be updated in real-time?
  104. Very late on car payment, not sure what action to take. Need Help/Advice!?
  105. What is the purpose for a company making a rights issue of ordinary shares?
  106. What is a good mutual fund?
  107. Which funds should I invest in for my 401k?
  108. Top Accounting Contributors---Determine the Net Present Value of undertaking the project etc.?
  109. How to calculate IRR for Private Equity in early years?
  110. Can you include stamp duty and renovation costs into a home loan?
  111. Top Accounting EXPERTS, URGENTLY need your HELP--Determine the Net Present Value of undertaking the project.?
  112. Form company's budget data what are ratios and situations. Generate a set of numbers that fit?
  113. Unsettled funds question (stocks)?
  114. STUCK! How to calculate interest expense...?
  115. Finance calculation? (Easy 10 points)?
  116. Once the last Congressman is bribed and owned by Wall Street and their takeover of our Democracy is complete,?
  117. Wow, did you know these lib Obama supporters park millions at Bain Capital?
  118. Why do libs bash Bain when they depend on it?
  119. Is it better to put extra money toward emergency fund or pay down debt?
  120. Is it a good idea to roll your business into public company?
  121. Criminal record and the finance industry?? Any other possibilities?
  122. Can someone help me with these accounting questions?
  123. Financial Management Debt Equity Finance Question. Problem and solution below. Where does the 2/3 come from?
  124. Financial Management Debt Equity Finance Question. Problem and solution below. Where does the 2/3 come from?
  125. Investing Other People's money in Stock?
  126. Allied Energy Exercise You've been assigned to the Treasurer's office at Allied Energy. Allied makes large pu?
  127. Company Baldwin invested $51,660,000 in plant and equipment last year. The plant investment was funded?
  128. It is January 2nd. Senior management of Baldwin meets to determine their investment plan for the year.?
  129. Refinance house due to break up - Owned less than 1 year.?
  130. as a part of top management team how would you handle distribution and marketing of the o fold?
  131. calculating taxes on foreign mutual funds?
  132. Will I have to pay taxes or penalties if I move my funds from Schwab to Vanguard?
  133. Can i take a loan out on my car without insurance?
  134. What are the pros and cons of just cashing out on these two investments? GKM & MWG?
  135. Which one of the following is a working capital decision?
  136. What's the difference between a Hedge Fund and a Private Equity Fund?
  137. Private Equity Funds the same as Leveraged Buyout Firms?
  138. What equity to give during startup?
  139. I'm 30 and my 401K looks....?
  140. Accounting Help.. Just to make sure I'm right :)?
  141. Help with finance questions for homework?
  142. what do you think of the RVST Equity Index Fund II?
  143. Day trading futures...................?
  144. Is this a good job...........?
  145. Question about mutual funds?
  146. Hi all Advise needed on my indian mutual fund Portfolio...take care?
  147. Equity valuation: Is this ACTUALLY done in most places?
  148. what is better private equity, hedge funds or property development?
  149. What funds should I choose for my ROTH401(k) plan at work? I am putting 5% and my company is not matching.?
  150. I'm asked to find the best Equity fund in the market and which country it is from?
  151. How do you invest, and how do you do?
  152. How much do I need to pay for the wire transfer of my loan?
  153. Is there a preferred general benchmark against which returns are measured?
  154. Why should I buy stock in a company, with its volatility and uncertain future,when a BBB rated corporate bond?
  155. Hedge Fund or Private Equity?
  156. House is worth 325k-350k, we only have 44k left on mortgage, but have zero funds,?
  157. Estimating the cost of capital?
  158. T Rowe Price retirement investing?
  159. T rowe Price investing help?
  160. Need advice in allocating my T Rowe Price 401k?
  161. Angel Lenders for Restaurants/Nightclubs?
  162. How is my portfolio. do i need to drop some funds or add some more funds?
  163. What is the primary objective of capital structure management?
  164. What typically rises when stock markets go down?
  165. T Rowe Price Investment Help?
  166. Income fund vs Equity fund?
  167. How to allocate my 401k?
  168. Did Obama ever pay back the GM bond holders?
  169. Businesses acquire long-term financing from two major sources:?
  170. Financial concern, advice!?
  171. Why didn't Williun Vague know and report Libya was on the UN Security Council?
  172. my husband wants to start a new business, need advice!?
  173. Taxes and Expenses questions help?
  174. How can I reduce my credit card debt?
  175. Benefeciary of $ USD 450 million a scam? got an email that has a will to enherit $450 million..?
  176. medical deduction and activity is classified as a trade or business or a hobby and home equity interest?
  177. Write this in your own words ?
  178. Are there two U.S. Economies, one for those with capital and one for those without?
  179. Can people switch easily from hedge fund to bank.....?
  180. What is the entry income? Top income? Opportunities for advancement? Salaries in money management are likely t?
  181. How to Recruit a Computer Programmer to Your Start Up for Equity?
  182. I need Advice im stuck in a house i cant afford?
  183. Why wouldn't Andrew Lansley deliver a speech at the Royal College of Nursing conference in Liverpool?
  184. Are there any legitimate debt consolidation places?
  185. Any suggestions in regards to 401K?
  186. rates of return for bonds and annuitys?
  187. Should I go back to school, continue being a real estate agent or go into the finance field as a equity trader?
  188. Company Baldwin invested $30,800,000 in plant and equipment last year. The plant investment was funded with?
  189. How does my portfolio look?
  190. What is a typical hourly rate one would pay for a very experienced (15 yrs) Sybase DBA.?
  191. true or false questions.. correct me if im wrong ?
  192. true or false? correct me if im wrong ?
  193. What equities are best to invest in right now?
  194. what is capital, what are examples of it and how do banks manage their capital?
  195. Please need help with this Balance Sheet.?
  197. Compare and contrast a home equity loan and a home equity line of credit.?
  198. how does the superannuation system meets the future needs of all workers?
  199. unlevered firm borrow debt and its equity and share price change?
  200. Should I sell my house or rent out 2 bedrooms?
  201. Finance Homework. Pls Help?
  202. Shares need to be sold?
  203. Number of Shares?
  204. easy cost of equity question?
  205. What is the formula to calculate cost of capital?
  206. can boyfriend get equity on my house after we marry?
  207. How do I know which ETF's to invest in, they're even more difficult to understand than conventional stocks?
  208. What is the formula for calculating cost of capital?
  209. calculate wacc?
  210. Anyone know of any loan companies that will refinance a title loan into a regular car loan when someone has crushed credit?
  211. how capital budgeting methods can be used in system development?
  212. Seek equity release/re-mortgage in which full lump sum is repaid later with interest, as no monthly repayments funds avail. during a build.?
  213. What's wrong about benchmarking equity fund with FTSE ALL SHARE?
  214. HELP! financial question relating to business!!?
  215. Starting a small business? Angel or venture capitalist investors or both?
  216. Additional Funds Needed (AFN)?
  217. What is Equity-Based Crowdfunding?
  218. Net assets and total equity?
  219. Is it a bad idea to be investing in Global Equities right now that they're high?
  220. Financial Calculation-Help?
  221. Did I violate a trading law that will get my account froze for 90 days?
  223. Retirement Investment Lineup plan, which better to invest in?