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  1. what is better a hardship withdrawal from class or a low grade in that class?
  2. I want to know the pag ibig fund contribution of rowen more?
  3. 10 day eviction notice?
  4. some one help me no job no money still living at home at age 27 what can I do?
  5. Can I get my cat fixed without funds?
  6. Allowing our star football player to cheat on the ACT?
  7. Why does the USA have a terrible public education system?
  8. Why does the US government fund art?
  9. Why are some parents against helping their kids fund college?
  10. Links between apartheid South Africa and Hitlers racial discrimination on the Jews?
  11. Democrats: What evil riches did Obama promise you?
  12. Does insulated foam have to be GLUED or NAILED for soundproofing or can I stand it up against my dresser?
  13. How do I start a bar catering business?
  14. Since the US is falling behind in quality education and losing access to it for college, will our economy....?
  15. Are Americans less intelligent and likely to be successful than in any other time in history due to all....?
  16. Are you aware of who Caliph Hussein Soetoro is, and how he's destroying America?
  17. Conservatives, what is wrong with allowing Americans to choose between public or private healthcare?
  18. Why do you pay taxes that go to fund wars?
  19. Why does the mainstream have no choice but to fund wars & big oil?
  20. There is puss coming from her privates. ..?
  21. Do you respect people who work hard & earn a good living - who don't mind driving a car or funding a war?
  22. Scotland colleges-best answer gets 10 points?
  23. Why arn't movies told from a Nazi's point of view and a justification for their agenda?
  24. Do You Like ObamaCare?
  25. When I completed the FAFSA for my son, it said his Estimated Family Contribution..?
  26. I work in a sportsbook and want to get fired because the "inner ring" are money launderers?
  27. Is it in bad taste to ask friends for money to help in an emergency situation?
  28. How to remove smoke stains on painted walls?
  29. What's wrong with my dog?
  30. why do girls always brings marriage up when you been dating the person for a long time?
  31. Five reasons socialism is patriotic?
  32. Have you ever had multiple jobs and why was that?
  33. Do you think mainstream rappers are paid by the government?
  34. Did you know David Cameron has resigned and the UK is OK now?
  35. parents forcing me out of IB? Can they stop payments without my consent? What to do?
  36. Why were the girls at the club laughing at my friend?
  37. how do i make my daughter feel better?
  38. Should I sell my car or drive it into the ground (or get it fixed)?
  39. Why cant i see my sims in the sims 3 PC in the boxes on the left and have $0 in household fund.?
  40. SFA Funding for Apprenticeship?
  41. SFA Funding for Apprenticeship?
  42. What will become of The Queen's corgis in the event of her demise?
  43. I work in a sportsbook and want to get fired because the "inner ring" are money launderers?
  44. Should I sell my car or drive it into the ground?
  45. Goverment funding for HGV licence ?
  46. POLL: What life would you rather have?
  47. How to get my freelance graphic design career booming?
  48. what should i do in this situation, should i go to the meeting?
  49. Why do some just ignore facts?
  50. Why did barack exempt mosques from NSA spying but is forcing the Catholic church to provide birth control?
  51. Becoming a power engineer?
  52. Questions for arabs miltants funding?
  53. Is anti-zionism disguised antisemitism?
  54. No recourse to public funds?
  55. This chick is driving me crazy, i can't get her out of my mind.?
  56. i want to start a lawn business :)?
  57. Why are the arts so underfunded?
  58. what is a bta fee when flying from logos ngeria?
  59. Cheapest solution to get to Green bay from DWF and back for an unaccompanied minor?
  60. -no trust fund kids, trophy widows, inheritors, successful criminals,?
  61. How much money if you want to immigrate to New Zealand?
  62. Where is all this money coming from for the dive expedition to recover all of Blackbeard's artifacts?
  63. POLL: Do you think George Zimmerman will be found 'not guilty'?
  64. Word Algebra Problem.... Help?
  65. award letter help me understand?
  66. Will OSAP re-calculate the funding amount for me if I change the income information after 6 months?
  67. Where do "Democrat" and "Republican" stereotypes come from?
  68. I Hate Where I live. Should I Move Now or Later?
  69. Is it ok to be angry at my brother and father for this?
  70. Vacation from Burger King?
  71. Should I get the Bones Bearing Cleaning Kit?
  72. Do you think political ads should have to disclose their funding?
  73. In college, when majoring in a subject how does that work?
  74. Why do anti muslims burn qurans when it is permissible to burn Quran?
  75. America Funding Islamic Terror?
  76. Wouldn't it be dead on if America never became independent?
  77. What To Do With Mother From Hell?
  78. Japanese movie where a man eventually loses his mobility?
  79. I'm 19 and really want a baby?
  80. Adult entertainment work in the South America?
  81. What options are available to help fund my studies in the US?
  82. Teens really do want to grow up fast!?
  83. Is philosophy major the right path for me?
  84. Why arent we fulfilling our obligation to stop these illegal wars being committed by our government?
  85. FIFA 13 My Career(Manager) prize money?
  86. Ps3 adding funds problem!!!!!!!?
  87. Why he stopped talking to me?
  88. Last will states giving estranged wife money but the couple have since divorced.?
  89. How can i get him to notice me?
  90. How do i get a second chance?
  91. Do you keep all of your spare change in one place, or is it scattered all over your house?
  92. COMPOUNDING Multiple interest rates. Need help .?
  93. How much could I get for my Xbox 360 Slim?
  94. Politics: Do you support the Obama's Regime FALSE FLAG attack on Syria, blaming it on Assad?
  95. Why won't my amazon card work?
  96. adding funds to a netspend card?
  97. Who funded Dawkins' chair at Oxford?
  98. Why are republicans voting for amnesty, and will funding for border security just be dropped anyway?
  99. Is it against the law to file married with the IRS one year with one woman then another woman the next year?
  100. If US heavily opposes terrorist financing states. Why did they always try to fund terrorist group worldwide?
  101. Bernanke's training wheels?
  102. has there ever been a money scam-like e-mail that turned out not to be a scam?
  103. What are those folks thinking when....?
  104. Can they legally hold money from you?
  105. Ice machines to combat global warming?
  106. Choosing between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney?
  107. Htir program to study in us?
  108. Funding for students?
  109. Pls a someone mailed me she said her name is sarah ogar and living in refuger camp in senegal that her father?
  110. What's the difference between the Democrat Party and the Socialist Party USA?
  111. Help with Student Council speech!?
  112. How can people in the US help Alberta, Calgary, and other areas hit by the floods?
  113. I canceled cable TV altogether over Food Network's firing of Paula Deen over?
  114. what should i do in this situation, should i go to the meeting, should i make complaints against the girl?
  115. Why did the USA fund the IRA terrorists?
  116. Which of the following will increase the money supply?
  117. How do you create a Charity foundation?
  118. Should I be afraid to ask my mother for a gaming PC? (Gaming PC purchase advice?)?
  119. When is the steam summer sale 2013 gonna start?
  120. My aunt spent 30 years looking after her sister in law with dementia, why does jesus's life impress people?
  121. help me for the Macroecon?
  122. How do I help my bff?
  123. What grant pays for all junior college fee's?
  124. Why is the USA funding terrorism in Pakistan?
  125. Do pet rats get sick often?
  126. College Majors for helping people around the world?
  127. Was Eastern Europe eligible for Marshall Plan funds?
  128. Politics: What is your OPINION of Obama supporters hypocritical views?
  129. I think I was rejected when I asked her for her number?
  131. do a visit visa for kuwait need proof of funds/show money to show in the philippine immigration interview?
  132. I can do this all day..?
  133. My parents don't believe in mental health?
  134. Steam denied my credit card. They said it was put on hold?
  135. Switching to an insulin pump?
  136. Gender Studies: Why did feminist support obama who supports al-queada in syria?
  137. Why do morons run the public school system?
  138. ps vita help finding master account?
  139. Is desperately needing your vote to "count" contributing to American fascism?
  140. Charter School vs. Public School funding?
  141. IVF after female sterilisation?
  142. What was the problem with Mortgage Backed Securities sold by Wall Street?
  143. How can I access my college funds when I turn 18?
  144. Should I move back East?
  145. Does this sound like a Fraud?
  146. How long can someone be in a different EU country before they lose permanent residency?
  147. The Production Assistant 5week program?
  148. why dont we let the illegals become citizens if the volunteer to be irs agents?
  149. Is it OK for a "souvenir" journal to be online only?
  150. Do democrats and RINOs know that amnesty will bring millions in who will not pay their way?
  151. How should I deal with my nasty roommate?
  152. Is this against the law, is this age discrimination?
  153. Can I cover my cost of living as a student working part time in Sydney, Australia?
  154. Should I move out of the house?
  155. How on Earth is 0bama going to fund his major global warming effort ?
  156. need some clarification with Adsense?
  157. Who gets one family vacation that cost the equivalent of average person's income for 2000 lifetimes?
  158. What government assistance programs would there be if all funding was voluntary?
  159. Cons why do you idolize trust fund babies but bash poor people?
  160. Is the Government Really Responsible For All These Tragedies?
  161. Classical:Who would be willing to fund my project?
  162. If the consecutor of a trust fund spends all the money, are they responsible for paying it back to the trustee?
  163. mutual fund daily results?
  164. I really love Jessica Simpson. How can I make her fall in love with me?
  165. How do you exactly deal with an obsessive and criticizing family(quite long sorry)?
  166. I need money for college!?
  167. I need money for college!?
  168. I need money for college!?
  169. When you give to the Red Cross or Red Crescent.......?
  170. I want to attend community college but they do not accept federal loans so i am looking at private loans?
  171. I want to leave this house permanently.My dad restricts me from listening to Rock Bands & to be on Cellphone!?
  172. do you think this is fair?
  173. Should I move out of the house?
  174. Is this necessary at this time with the condition we are in?
  175. I was threaten with check fraud for an illegal payday loan.?
  176. Nicole Kidman Scholarship?
  177. In America how much does it cost to go University (college?)?
  178. Student Finance information ?
  179. The USA funded the IRA terrorists too so have they got something against the Great British love of World Peace?
  180. Why couldn't I be a trust fund brat?
  181. How was govt funded before the IRS? Why not abolish the IRS?
  182. looking for funding for our youth center?
  183. College after high school, over-protective parents, any suggestions?
  184. Couldn't a govt funded by import tariffs promote internal production,limit govt size & remove income tax?
  185. Native English speakers, are these sentences correct?
  186. Help with a financial maths question?
  187. How should I deal with my nasty roommate?
  188. How should I deal with my nasty roommate?
  189. If republicans are usually pro-life, wouldn't it make sense for them to support funding birth control?
  190. php code error ~ Can you spot the error?
  191. Help with easy True or False questions?
  192. How should I deal with my nasty roommate?
  193. Where will Obama be vacationing on International Talk Like a Pirate Day?
  194. In what ways is education policy and funding a state issue?
  195. How does international banking work?
  196. How much has limiting food stamps shortened the average American life?
  197. which of these caused you to realize America no longer existed?
  198. Do I need a tourist visa for visiting the U.K?
  199. Should I tell my parents I lied to them about my grades?
  200. Should I tell my parents I lied to them about my grades?
  201. Will Tea Party Republicans provide funding for new border security or will they demand cuts elsewhere?
  202. Adult entertainment work in the South America?
  203. What do I do with my life?!?
  204. would claiming child benefits affect my wife's home office Application for ILR indefinite leave to remain?
  205. Do I stand a chance at getting into UPenn?
  206. What sort of autonomy does Wales have?
  207. Does OSAP deny application if they see that tuition costs far exceed the funds i claim are available?
  208. Can a private University take back scholarship money because of the yellow ribbon program?
  209. Why hasn't Obama Resigned. any one else would have been Fired by now?
  210. Is an arrest really necessary?
  211. Should we cover the financial costs of the bride's bachelorette party?
  212. Am I the luckiest ex wife ever?
  213. Should I move out of the house?
  214. Is my mum stealing from me?
  215. Why do cops feel the need to constantly pat themselves on the back?
  216. Am I plausible for UPenn?
  217. Should I call the police?
  218. Is my mum stealing from me?
  219. Why do some white people not understand why others have things like BET and college funds for Latinos and?
  220. Is there any summer jobs in morenk valley CA?
  221. Is there any summer jobs in moreno valley CA?
  222. Do You Think ObamaCare Is Unconstitutional?
  223. Did YOU know Bin Laden was a USA=CIA agent?
  224. Housewife VS working women?
  225. Are Dems excited when Dolce and Gabbana go to prison?
  226. What are some early-stage start-up tech companies seeking funding in Austin, TX?
  227. Can the mother still claim money without access to the child?
  228. help me plzzz i needa pass my class?
  229. No display on Samsung pl200 digital camera everything else works!?
  230. Where to find free name brand tvs?
  231. Why won't Liberals admit that Trayvon Martin was a violent criminal who was breaking in to people`s houses?
  232. Good charity purpose?
  233. Will people in the future be able to afford college with these rising costs or just the rich, with lots of....?
  234. Class of 2016,I need help?
  235. Why dont people vote for third party candidates?
  236. Will people be able to afford college with these rising costs or just the rich in future, with lots of...?
  237. Why do Democrats seem to regard their party as some sort of grassroots working class party?
  238. How dare Obama claim Sequester made him cut $ 75K White House Tours & then take $ 100M Vacation....?
  239. Should soft drinks and sweets be banned?
  240. Help with grad school choices?
  241. have i a case against social services if they refuse to put my father in a care home ?
  243. How do i go about getting probation fees waived in maryland?
  244. Why don't political figures want to do anything about this?
  245. Is this an okay wedding gift..?
  246. my one year old son is acting bad and i dont know why. plz help!?
  247. PSVITA no transaction management?
  248. Does anyone no where I can get a bonus ball template?
  249. What happens if I'm not able to raise enough money for World Challenge?
  250. A little insight into my life and why?