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  1. Ebay scam? Seller requests i send package to different address than on invoice. What do I do now?
  2. what happens to the profit from a shared ownership property?
  3. Young professional - Roth IRA question?
  4. Do you have to refund an ebay buyer?
  5. Is this a ebay scam? He wants me to make an exception?
  6. what is the definition of payment for repurchase of company shares?
  7. What payment needs to be made to the lender just before it can issue a check for the payment of the house?
  8. Selling on Amazon, scam?
  9. question about selling small biotech shares when down on low volume?
  10. What is the best pet insurance?
  11. If an online store was to be opened offering jewellery, what would most people like to buy?
  12. What is the definition of stock market?
  13. Car Auction Closing Costs. So Confused.. Help!?
  14. At what point in the home buying process do you need to have the down payment in hand?
  15. Question about VA home loan...?
  16. I just got a medical bill, I don't have insurrance?
  17. how do people make it all work? need advice!?
  18. ebay funds availability?
  19. 17 year old wanting to start investing young?
  20. paypal account and online selling, starting my own little business?
  21. missed the stock market rally?
  22. If I sell my corporate bonds, what do I replace them with?
  23. What type of savings and investment strategies would a low income person engage in within the next 5 years?
  24. How to invest in a etf for a young adult?
  25. How do hedge funds purchase so many shares at once?
  26. I'm looking to invest. Where should I start?
  27. How much cheaper is it to buy foreclosed homes if you pay all cash upfront (no mortgage)?
  28. Should I get a loan for a car?
  29. Is sales tax really like this?
  30. An underwriter charges the public $40 per share for a new issue after having promised the issuer $38 per share?
  31. I created a website for a friend's business and doesnt want to pay?
  32. How long does it take to sell something on ebay and how do you do it?
  33. How does Cyprus Affect the Price of Gold?
  34. Stock Market pundits are always talking about a stock having "resistance:" what is this?
  35. What is the difference between initial margin and minimum margin for margin buying?
  36. once you buy stock, you must resell in a private deal?
  37. Are daytraders more protected than longterm investors from market crashes?
  38. How do you know if you've been scammed by Paypal in Craigslist transaction?
  39. What will a 203k rehab loan not cover?
  40. Should I buy 10 shares of apple stock?
  41. investing in gold and silver?
  42. Another Flash Crash to Trigger investors ...Stops?
  43. HELP!!!! I am in big debt yet my mum keep asking me for money. What to do?
  44. Question about VA home loan...?
  45. Where is the best place to have a real estate website created?
  46. help me with stock investing?
  47. Reverse mortgage I have a reverse mortgage and have been out of my home for?
  48. Question about eBay invoices?
  49. When you buy or sell a future's contract does it take a day or more to settle?
  50. what methods are used in to day to price business loan?
  51. Envelope Budgeting System queston...?
  52. Roll closing costs into a conventional loan?
  53. Is 21 too young to open a stock trading account?
  54. Correction on FDRXX pricing needed?
  55. is my business off at a fresh start? (I'm 16)?
  56. Where can I buy customised charitable items to re-sell for charitable cause in the UK?
  57. should I start saving money at 20 years old?
  58. ive just booked a hotel...do i still have my full amount of money still in my bank account?
  59. Costemic repairs on va loan?
  60. What is happening to gold? things are really odd?
  61. could I get my job back or collect unemployment?
  62. Is this Craigslist listing a scam?
  63. Second mortgage and Single-owner LLC liability?
  64. Credit card protection question ?
  65. House Sale Question - Legal Help Needed?
  66. Should I invest in silver?
  67. How does SilverSaver work?
  68. Is this craigslist email most likely a scam?
  69. What effect does a change in the Fed's interest rate target have on financial markets?
  70. How do I find a great Financial advisor?
  71. Do you have to hire a broker to invest in stocks?
  72. I'm having difficultly decideing a career, i want to go for art, but im not so sure?
  73. How to store your capitals in a safe manner?
  74. Accounting problem figuring bonds?
  75. Finance Expected Return On Investment?
  76. What should we do if our home appraisal comes back lower than the offer price?
  77. Best way to invest $5000-$10,000?
  78. Could the real estate agent keep my money?
  79. If i make 60600/year can i get a FHA or MHA loan for at least 275K?
  80. Interest rate, annuity due?
  81. How many rental properties do I need to have in order to make money?
  82. what is the best offer on new brokerage accounts?
  83. School business idea? Good or not? Improvements?
  84. Do prices for items online & in department stores usually go up or down the month before Christmas?
  85. If I put in a sell order for a mutual fund during the day do I get the price of that day or the day before?
  86. Are you concerned about your 401K?
  87. Business Plan: Coffee Cart Business?
  88. RETURNED ITEM FEE...help?
  89. What role does the secondary market play in the price of the primary market?
  90. How can I get help with housing ?
  91. How much must be deposited today in an account earning 6% annually to accumulate a 20% down payment to use in?
  92. Is this a genuine paypal payment?
  93. What progress on storing and distributing energy?
  94. Which of the following does NOT characterize a long-run equilibrium?
  95. First Right of Refusal Issue?
  96. Obamas record. Check it out...?
  97. investing in mutual funds?
  98. Buying a home with private financing. Cash, source of funds, audit, reporting.?
  99. Stocks have tanked, should I put more money in my IRA?
  100. Where Are Bond Traded and Prices Reported?
  101. Is this possible / likely..............?
  102. Anyone heard of Stubbe Andrew from craigslist? sounds like a scam in my opinion..?
  103. Bank bill prefered option?
  104. E-Antiques Inc. is an Internet-based market maker for buyers and sellers of antique furniture and jewellery. T?
  105. Best prime brokerages and their prices?
  106. Brubaker Inc., a manufacturer of high-sugar, low-sodium, low-cholesterol TV dinners, would like to increase it?
  107. Does the strike price of options changes at startups?
  108. Duration of bond problem and a YTC problem?
  109. Can I decide not to sale in Texas with a sign Lease Purchase Option?
  110. Two Finance Questions...?
  111. What does a sinking fund do to the price of a bond?
  112. Does Ebay automatically take final value fees out of the final price of my item?
  113. What is the interest rate the bank will charge John? What is the maximum loan amount?
  114. Online shopping advice?
  115. explain this to me!?
  116. Online purchase failed - still charged?
  117. finance quizzes help?
  118. Buying home - ask low offer or closing costs?
  119. Fund raising ideas?!?
  120. How do I start my fashion business?
  121. referral fee/partnership question?
  122. Any Rappers Looking For High Quality, Low Priced Intrumentals?
  123. What does this mean? Given the formulae of Beta, calculate the covariance?
  124. How to start a hedge fund and get wealthy?
  125. Help me with health insurance, I have PPO?
  126. I have buyers from overseas who wants what I am selling. How do I get the money without being scammed?
  127. Paying with visa and paypal?
  128. Iam looking for investors for invetion. prototype built.to rid spiders in/out home.?
  129. Getting donations to build a softball complex?
  130. What is a cleared funds account?
  131. How does a Hard Money Lender charge?
  132. cost benefit analysis question?
  133. Accounting Question Help ?
  134. Naked options trading on margin?
  135. What exactly is a scam?
  136. I need good fundraising ideas?
  137. how should i invest my 401k?
  138. I Don't Know What I Want In Life?
  139. How much extra should we have before purchasing a new home?
  140. Shared equity loan by Plumlife - help on repayments?
  141. Opening a hair salon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  142. Estimating the cost of capital?
  143. I was opening up my Roth IRA and it asked me to choose either Mutual Funds or ETFs...I'm confused?
  144. Is Royal Mail's charge of 46p for a 1st Class Stamp daylight ROBBERY?
  145. Where to get accurate mutual fund / stock prices?
  146. Real Estate Company involved, but buyer wanting to do article of agreement.?
  147. 1.Which of the following does not create a difference between net income and the net cash flow from operations?
  148. Question regarding FHA loans and Purchasing a home with cash?
  149. I recently bought an Item on my green dot and the purchase was declined and it took the money out my card?
  150. Should I sell my precious metal mutual fund now?
  151. Help , Investment course?
  152. What things will you give up with gas prices getting so high? What things do you refuse to give up?
  153. Bill Roundy bought 800 shares of a mutual fund with a NAV of $14.10. This fund has a load charge of 3%?
  154. What do these mutual funds have in common?
  155. Roth IRA - Which online discount provider do you recommend?
  156. Paypal scam? Is it weird when someone ONLY wants to buy from me through paypal?
  157. What are the risks of money market funds?
  158. What are good brands of clothing for men? Inexpensive or reasonable? For early 20's person.?
  159. Sweet Sixteen...am I being snobby?
  160. Advice on a custom Gaming PC build?
  161. Paypal scam? Is it weird when someone ONLY wants to buy from me through paypal?
  162. Flight price changed drastically over night? Need help plz!!?
  163. I'm being scammed and dont know what to do to fix it! HELP?
  164. PRTM Leisure Delivery Systems?
  165. History help!! 10 points!! help...?
  166. Whose going to join my campaign against animal abuse?
  167. What was one reason for Western Europe's quick recovery from the devastation of World War II?10points 1questio?
  168. i want to buy my boyfriend a dslr: help?
  169. Any tips for first time craigslist sellers? ?
  170. Is there a reason why CEF funds the price goes down instead up going up?
  171. when someone sells a house, do they get paid all that money up front ,or receive payments?
  172. What is the impact of hedge funds on stock prices?
  173. Buyers can't close...?
  174. How much should I offer on the house?
  175. Short sale problem?
  176. Is this a good way to get funding for a new product?
  177. Ebay Help as a Seller?
  179. With Scottrade why can't you use Restricted funds to buy stock less than $3?
  180. What is the back savings plan for a low income earner? 401K or Roth IRA or....?
  181. How to get secure financing to buy a business?
  182. What are the roles of banks? How do banks protect the consumer? PLEAS HELP !!!?
  183. Is there a better place than Cafepress?
  184. Will this Kickstarter idea work?
  185. What is this fund's expense ratio?
  186. My paperwork went to the underwriter now just worried about the big approval?
  187. How would you pay income taxes in this situation?
  188. Why would a person write a check at a store like Kohl's?
  189. What do I do to start my own company?
  190. Did my Mother get cheated from the sale of her house?
  191. Question about selling a large position in a small cap stock?
  192. The total amount of money the federal government owes?
  193. Stocks manipulation?
  194. Purchasing a house and need financial advice.?
  195. If dividends paid to common stockholders are not legal obligations of a corporation?
  196. Help! Why the government maintains public sector businesses?
  197. How is buying deep in the money calls beneficial?
  198. Would a US default help or hurt bond prices?
  199. I was just hired yesterday as a part-time worker for the cafeteria for schools in town. So happy, BUT?
  200. Advice on school/life/job?
  201. how do i determine the price i bought money market funds?
  202. Would you buy a corporate bond today?
  203. Travelling allowance for an apprentice?
  204. How do companies receive their fund through issue common stock?
  205. How can I invest in China's Oil Stocks ?
  206. buying two cars at the same time I need help with who gets funded?
  207. Can anyone help explain this article to me? I am not understanding the financial stuff. TIA?
  208. can bankruptcy clear income tax debt in canada?
  209. Question about breaking my apartment lease?
  210. Help with renting a office/workshop?
  211. Where can i find the latest stocks?
  212. How much do I need to start investing in shares?
  213. What is the down payment for a cruise that costs $1.5 million?
  214. Why does fluctuations in exchange rates have significant influence on the balance of trade?
  215. Is $30,000 a year enough for 2 people to live on?
  216. If rates on U.S. treasury bonds were to drop. How would that effect the price of U.S. bond index funds?
  217. would this be enough to move out?
  218. How does selling on PayPal work?
  219. ETFs that reflect changes in UK residential property prices?
  220. What does the quote price on 2 year treasury notes mean?
  221. 3 main strengths and weaknesses of Aston Martin as a business?
  222. What are the differnences between :-?
  223. Tips/ideas on how to do a fundraiser?
  224. What is Firm Commitment Basis?
  225. Is there grant money or low interest loans for the physically disabled?
  226. What are some of the disadvantages of a brokerage account at Merrill? at Scottrade?
  227. Whats the best Broker website to trade UK stocks ?
  228. will this stock rise ?
  229. What's the difference between VTSMX and VTSAX?
  230. Should we buy a house now or wait?
  231. How to get share divident direct to bank?
  232. Need help selling on ebay?
  233. How has the financial decision-making process affected the changing technology?
  234. Identify the different tools used by the central bank to control money supply?
  235. What news affected barclays share price in October 2013?
  236. what's the difference between management and finance, which one is better?
  237. What will happen to American Airlines stock after bankruptcy?
  238. how do you enter what you paid for a stock in the portfolio?
  239. 'How does a stock exchange work' interview question.?
  240. Plumbing course - desperately need answers?
  241. What do you think, living in the richest city in the world?
  242. What it the relationship between gold and platinum markets?
  243. 6 month rule for buying a house?
  244. Would it be a good idea to invest in a health insurance company in the near future?
  245. Can I become rich from the stock market?
  246. Open Interest Call Option...?
  247. How ETF’s track the value of the underlining securities in real-time.?
  248. How to pay taxes from stocks?
  249. what is the job market like for lawyers?
  250. I've never sold on Ebay before , but somebody bought my cleats, how do I ship?