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Default [survey] what do if you won a lottery of $100 million spend

I'd build a good, sturdy modern-day log cabin in the Cascades, on a piece of land with a stream. It would have enough room for a good vegetable garden, as well as lots of room for flowers and other ornamental plants. I'd have a few animals - cattle for beef and milk, horses for short-distance transportation, and chickens for eggs. I'd also raise a few peafowl, simply because I like them (I worked with them at the Cheyene Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and it's not much different from dealing with chickens).
I'd build a couple of homes on the property for people to live in who worked for me (a housekeeper, a cook, and someone to help with the grounds), and make sure THEY and their families were properly cared for; I'd never want someone who worked for me to go without. I'd also build a couple of homes for visiting friends and family to stay in, as well as appropriate out-buildings for animals and storage, and two greenhouses - one for "starter" plants for my garden, and one for rather more exotic plants that I find interesting, such as orchids, bromeliads, and others that can't take the cold of a mountain environment.

The whole business would be as energy-indepedent and off-the-grid as possible - solar, geothermal, and other alternate energy sources as much as possible.

I'd also hire a good nutritionist/trainer; I have type II diabetes, and keeping myself healthy has proven difficult (to say the least); my own body gets in the way of many of things that I want to do, and I'd like to truly learn how to deal with that better. Having a properly-educated medical professional to help me change my habits would be a godsend.

I'd buy a new Jeep (my 1999 Wrangler is doing ok, but the newer ones are more fuel-efficient, and that matters to me), as well as a fuel-efficient car for longer trips, and probably an electric or hybrid car of some description, depending what was on the market at the time. I've ridden in them on the Microsoft campus where I used to work (I'm with another company now), and they're amazing vehicles.

I'd pay off my sister's house, my niece's house, give a few million to my parents, and give my son and my nephew each a million for purposes of purchasing a house when they're ready. I'd pay off my son's car and his student loans, and would see to it that all three of them had enough money to do what they wanted in life, if they were careful with it. I'd also set up a good, solid college fund for my brand-new great niece (and any other young family members who come along), so that she could go to any university she chose.

I'd go back to school full-time, and finish my PhD (lack of money makes it slow right now). I'd arrange to go to medical school at the University of Washington (I have the smarts for it); I'd endow a couple of research chairs, and make sure that no other student was turned away because of my attendance.

Once I graduated, I'd go into research on auto-immune diseases; my family has to deal with several of them (including both types of diabetes, lupus, and too many instances of pre-eclampsia). Both my grandmothers lived into their 90s, so even though I'm in my late 50s, I could very well live for some time to come, and I believe I could make a contribution.
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