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Default can someone help me figure out i can pay my medical bills

1st off, of the 13 bills, did you separate them by doctor/provider? Since pregnant, am guessing, that 1 is the OB, 1 could be for lab tests, 1 for an ultrasound, 1 for the radiologist that read the ultrasound. If so, that only totals 4 vs 13. So take all 4 and add each bills up for each doctor/provider. So, then figure out how much each of them are asking for. One could be for $2,000 (OB), lab tests can be $500, ultrasound $1,000 and the radiologist $250. Most doctors/providers will not accept $20 per month, but will need more, to stay out of collections. Since pregnant, your bills and treatment will continue to rise.

"Some" may allow you to "write off" some of the balance. But to do this, you would have to submit paperwork showing in fact you do not have the funds. and believe me they will request a ton of it.

What about baby daddy? Has he tried and paid any of these bills, or is it your problem? Get babydaddy to help pay these, since BOTH of you are responsible for this unborn child.

You might want to consider going to planned parenthood for the rest of your pregnancy to keep the cost down, since it is done on a sliding scale based on your income.

You purchased a policy that cost less, and by doing so, CHOSE a high deductible, thus the problem. But, if you had purchased a low deductible, the cost of your health insurance might have been at least $200 per month vs $80.

Either way, you need to get on the phone with these providers and see if they are willing to do a payment plan, and you will need to decide what expenses YOU need to cut, to pay them.

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